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  1. Yes some french-canadian speaks english and some english-canadian speaks french since it's required to learn it in school. But not everybody can, so I just thought an inclusive bilingual website for an inclusive Canada might be a good thing.
  2. Or to include what we can called ''diversity''. If a native french canadian want to be part of the linus experience, but does not speak english well enough, he just can't. So the exclude thing goes both ways. If our french technology have french problems, we just have to build a CONSEILS DE TECHNOLOGIES forum in french and don't bother the english speakers?
  3. There is no such country as America. It's called United-States. Time and money... smh Start with a forum with its own ecosystem and moderators does not take that much time and ressources. There are few french tech tips but not with the Linus spirit. Regards, Jc
  4. You know that Canada is part of America, right? I'm not referring only to videos. Just having a french division to begin with, because we are a bilingual country, and then see what happens. Maybe starting with a french section on the forums and having french moderators and building slowly but surely a crowd that can click on amazon.ca referrals links.
  5. Hi Linus and friends, I'm here since the beginning of Linus @ NCIX and it was a huge growth over the years, the quality of the content and the show were going in the good direction, until...now. It looks like we hit a point of quality content vs quantity to please YT algorithms. Maybe it's time to get new peeps coming to your channel, like french Canadians. Like, 9 000 000 people. I'm a dynamic overall tech who would be pleased to get in touch for any questions or needs about french related topics. Canada is a bilingual country and Linus is intelligent, he kn