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    Ryzen 1600 3.75 Ghz
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    ASrock Pro 4
  • RAM
    Trident Z (2 x 8) 3200Mhz
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    GTX 1050 (I don't game too much)
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    Phanteks P400
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    Corsair MX500 500gb
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    Corsair CX650M
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    4K TCL Roku TV?
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    Stock Coooler
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    Embedded in TV?
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I need to make a custom shirt that says
    "@Crunchy DragonIS A LOSER" 
    before LTX next year.

    1. Jurrunio


      After you got a DNF?

  2. It may not be such a bad idea to invest in a few books for coding and/ or game design and development. Write down the idea for now and keep it in a safe place, start learning the basics of coding and once you know you have enough knowledge on what you want to do, start experimenting and maybe implimenting your idea!
  3. I doubt it has anything to do with an ISO, but just reinstall windows because of the amount of BSODs and reasons you're getting tbh
  4. Yeah do that. Did you get the boot drive from a different PC or something? When switching platforms always do a clean install of windows
  5. Happy birthday Linus

  6. Yeah but you gotta look more carefully for them and scour for deals, these are more permanent prices
  7. Anything with a core i5 or i7 8th gen/Ryzen 5 or 7 with something like a GTX 1060 6gb/RX 580 8gb should be good tbh. You can, just you won't be able to OC the cpu though tbh but with a good enough one you really won't need to. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883227813R This is decent https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883230358 This is also pretty decent https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883227814 This is also pretty good (recommended) The only thing about all of these prebuilts is that they either have a 1060 3gb or an rx 580 4gb. For Fortnite and Minecraft, these gpus will be great but it's not very well future-proofed. You'll get well over 60 fps with any of these. Minecraft and Fortnite aren't particularly heavy games so you could even get a decent laptop and play on that as well if you want more portability tbh.
  8. I've talked to AMD, Amazon and Newegg support as well as the company whose graphics card I'm buying (from Amazon). AMD confirmed that both Amazon and Newegg are participating etailers depending on the brand of the GPU, but it must be listed on the product page of the etailer. XFX confirmed they are a part of the promotion and buying a NEW rx580 from either of the etailers will get you the game bundle. Amazon previously had a few details wrong in the info page of the product but it will be fixed in time. Honestly, to know for sure, you just have to phone the company whose gpu you're buying to confirm with them if you'll get the game bundle or not - though it most likely will be yes. AMD also stated that as long as you buy a new gpu from anywhere and register it on their/the companys website, you'll get the bundle. They really need to iron out the details tbh In a few weeks all the info will be solid but because the promotion just launched, companies like XFX are talking to AMD to get all the details confirmed so yeah
  9. I wanna try this but I'm fairly certain it's gonna be a dead end. Thanks for the info/links guys! I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to buy from Newegg now which kinda sucks, I kinda wanted a backplate and a higher clocked gpu tbh
  10. I'm buying an rx 580 (8gb) soon and came across a promotion (https://www.amd.com/en/gaming/raise-the-game). The promotion is listed on RX 580s and 570s on Newegg but the card I want to buy is on Amazon with no promotion listed. I'd get from Newegg but I'm trying to go 250$ and below, but with tax from Newegg the prices for the cheapest 580s are higher than the cards on Amazon. That and Amazon will ship a whole lot faster. So can anyone tell me if this promotion is for all RX gpus bought and not just the ones on Newegg? If so, how do I activate it.
  11. Honestly yeah, but he wants top of the line components. The 8700K is overkill for him thought I won't stop him for that just in case he does want to record later on (probably not though). It's just that the 1080Ti is what gets me the most. The monitors are freesync so I'd rather have him get a vega 56 tbh but those consume more power and give off more heat as far as I'm aware. Also it costs quite a bit of money compared to the 1080/1070Ti last I checked due to mining
  12. I don't have a pcpartpicker link atm cause I'm out atm, I'll send one as soon as I get home for his old vs new parts He's going to be using it just for gaming (like OW and rainbow 6 siege) and a couple of others as of now. He won't be streaming at all.
  13. I mean the fact that he's using a 75hz monitor with a 1080Ti is kinda overkill, as well as his case choice etc. Heck, he was originally not going to get any fans cause he forgot about em. I did get him to downgrade to a 1080 at least and he's finally fixing a lot of his mistakes like terrible fans with a low cfm, a chocking case, a terrible psu.
  14. Yeah no I accepted that was my bad, I honestly forgot about gpu limits for drawing power from the psu. I did accept that a few replies ago
  15. It was honestly a tier 4 or something psu on the tier list which was the important part I forgot to mention. He doesn't have any plans to get better monitors tbh. Also he doesn't have any other plans for the pc as far as we can see I would have made him get a 2700X instead if he wanted to do multi-threaded stuff. He was originally going ryzen but intel is better for gaming