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  1. I have a new phone galaxy note 10 lite but she has an old one j5,so when i send her an emoji on insta it instead shows a rectangle with 2 lines. She has updated insta and her softwarw what else can she try
  2. I have a galaxy tab a (2016) and a galaxy note 10 lite and when there is light in the room I can always see the reflection of me or something in the screen and its very distracting. However my 100 dollar lg monitor doesnt seem to have that problem and only when there is extreme light it becomes reflective. Why does samsung make its screens like that???
  3. So I've discovered something annoying when using my Google home mini to play some music from my Spotify premium account. It always tries to find not explicit songs even though I have allowed in the settings of Spotify to play explicit songs. When it doesnt find an mot explicit version of the song that I requested it will play another random song. How can allow my google home to play explicit songs
  4. I also use microfiber cloths but they get dirty quick because my phone has many smudges and spots from dried sweat...
  5. I am not that worried I just read it and I got curious,I use a microfiber cloth but it gets dirty pretty quick...
  6. Its the same about all paper products as they come from wood fibers.
  7. https://badapplerepair.com/how-clean-sanitize-phone/
  8. I dont think so but ive heard that it can still scratch it...
  9. So I have been always using kitchen towel to wipe my phone with a bit of alcohol but I've recently read that using kitchen towel might scratch your phone so I'm wondering is this a real possibility because screens now are better and stronger personally have a note 10 light from Samsung which I think uses gorilla glass 3. Will using kitchen towel scratch my screen?
  10. Thats why I now use only the microfiber cloth without anything on it for the monitor just to get rid of the dust.
  11. The alchohol that I get because of where my mum works is very pure and doesnt leave a trace.
  12. I only use it on the outside of my device will that be ok?
  13. I want to disinfect my devices(pc monitor,smartphone,tablet) daily,is using toiler paper or a microfiber cloth with 95o pure alchohol safe or will it damage the device. I have started only using the microfiber cloth with the monitor but the tablet and smartphone need disinfecting since they are with me all day.
  14. In my country there is no such fair pricing the s10 lite costs 100 dollars more than the note and the other devices where mostly at the same cost or 50 bucks cheaper.