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  1. https://www.skroutz.gr/s/2794870/Deepcool-GAMMAXX-400-Black.html This is pretty nice!
  2. I agree with@xdeathshot20 also amd motherboards are cheaper.
  3. I dont care if its portable, pricing is a little different in my country so around the budget of my 2 options so 100 to 200 dollars closer to a 100 if possible. I run my headphones with my bluue yeti which already boosts them compared to my pc audio. A bit more power and better audio.
  4. Ooof lol I just pmed you like a sec ago
  5. You want be able to run a lot of 4k games at ultra low settings with a 1650. I would suggest that a 1660ti is the minimum. Maybe you can check out used gtx 1070's or 1080's for a similar price as your budget.
  6. I want to buy something for my 30 ohm meze 99 neo headphones and the 250ohm dt 990 pro that I will buy in the future. Creative Sound BlasterX G6 is half the price of the Audioquest Dragonfly Red how worse is it tho?
  7. My friend recently bought a Steinberg UR-22-MkII recording pack and when he is recording via audacity and we are talking on discord I my voice can be heard in his recordings as loud as his voice. Also when we talk on discord there is a lot of static. What could be causing that?
  8. Well it wont be such a big bottlenet but Ryzen cpus have come A LONG WAY in gaming performance, so yes there will be some bottleneck and it depends what games you want to play 144hz in ultra detail
  9. There is also a SABAJ Pha3 for 20 dollars less
  10. I have the meze 99 neo and planning to get something like a dt990 in the future. I found a koda ta 5002 used for a pretty good price. Is it a good amp/dac for headphones should I go for it?
  11. Yes there is a beep and the system turns on does not post only mouse lights light up not the keyboards and then it shuts off and tries again and again...
  12. After buying a new rx 580 and installing it in my system the keyboard does not light up and it was not posting. When i removed the gpu power and changed the hdmi cable to the internal graphics the keyboard lights up and it posts.HELPP. psu thermaltake 700watts
  13. Sometimes something happens to the cursor and when i go write something it replaces the letter with the new one and everything messes up and when I write something the previous letter gets deleted. What do i do?