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  1. Why is that so expensive for only 16g

    Memory won't be able to reach max speed if it is not especially made for amd correct if I'm wrong though
  2. I want to buy amd ram for the ryzen 7 2700x the model that i am looking for gskill rgb 3200mhz 50% more expensive than the memory for intel is there another 16g kit for amd at 3200mhz for around 200usd???Help me pls
  3. Pls help me choose a case by voting!

    I will use what WoodroweBones is using as hardware with a gigabyte gtx1080.
  4. Pls help me choose a case by voting!

    Forgot the poll ethnoo pro m vs meshify c
  5. Which is the best i do not care about price as it is the same almost.
  6. Will the ryzen 7 reach a stable 4.2ghz in all cores or at least 4.1 with the stock cooler?Thanks for any feedback!
  7. What cpu is the best????

    It will with a 280mm liquid cooler.
  8. What cpu is the best????

    I have seen such videos but they dont say r7 2700x vs i7 oc 5ghz the videos are about stock speeds OH This has the i7 5ghz can u pls pls find me another one of these videos.
  9. What cpu is the best????

    Thanks for everything just one last question will the i7 8700k oc to 5ghz win in general use even from the ryzen 7 2700k in stock cooler.
  10. What cpu is the best????

    ok tanks
  11. What cpu is the best????

    Yeah but which is better for the general use and gaming preformance???
  12. What cpu is the best????

    I can afford one of the two but is there such a huge difference.
  13. Which is better for gaming and general use of the computer i will also edit videos someetimes. I7 8700K 5ghz R7 2700x stock cooler 16g ddr4 3200 gtx 1080 I know that the i7 8700k to 5ghz is better but is it worth the price especially for an aftermarket cooler to reach 5 ghz i am in a tight budget so please help.All opinion will be highly appreciated!
  14. Help windows 10 are broken.