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  1. Happy New Year, I was thinking it would be interesting to see a real comprehensive plex hardware comparison. High end Setup: Take a look at things like what hardware is the best for the true ultimate plex server using some of the top end CPU's like the 3950X, 3960X, 3970X (and then maybe the 3990X or the equivalent EPYC), the W-3175X and Intel's HEDT Chips. Also take a look at GPU encoding on the high end with something like a Quadro RTX card or an unlocked consumer GPU Look into things like at what point do 5400rpm spinning drives become a bottleneck for the media files (most home servers this isnt an issue but if you had enough people hitting them eventually they would (especially since the 5400rpm WD reds are real popular to 'shuck'). How much does faster drives help the meta data (IE show it on HDD vs NVME vs something like optane) Every day Setup: There is much debate on buying older used Xeon servers off ebay and using them vs a modern system. Take a look at an old Xeon system vs something like a R5 3600 system and power efficiency and see what really is the best bang for the buck. Maybe throw in some other interesting setups like a NUC or the Nvidia Shield or a Synology NAS for the ultimate value showdown Thanks, Bill
  2. I have always considered getting one of the smaller drives (like the 280GB) to try them out (reading benchmarks about them is nice but I just like trying out different hardware hands on) but i am trying to decide if there is anything I could possibly use it for that i would see a benefit over a standard nvme drive. The only 2 notable things i will be running are a plex server and a minecraft server, wondering if either the plex meta data (maybe make scrolling through the library faster?) or if for minecraft if it would improve world loading. Thoughts?
  3. Reached out to Asus to see if they could tell me, i looked at the manual on their site and these settings arent even mentioned
  4. Interesting, Updated the BIOS to the latest and one of the options disappeared
  5. The auto settings though let me change like if it is PCIE GEN1 GEN2 GEN3 For the port i have to manually select X16 or X8/X8 or X4/X4/X4/X4
  6. Hey all,wanted to add some m.2 nvme drives to my old Asus Z9PE-D8 WS build and obviously it doesnt have any m.2 slots.I was going to populate the pcie slots with a few drives with single m.2 adapters but that seems a waste of all the slots and i knew there are cards out there like the Asus Hyper M.2 but your motherboard must support bifurcation.Looking in my bios (Screenshot attached) it appears that my board does but i am a little confused by it as A: im not sure which ports correspond to which physical slots on the board and B: the amount of ports listed here does not match up to how many the board actually hasthoughts?
  7. Sure, here is the post with the article and has all of the completed photos - http://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/guru3d-rig-of-the-month-december-2011,1.html Still trying to figure out what case i want to use for the build, for me that it sets the tone of the entire build so im usually pretty slow to choose, especially when cases of this size are not exactly cheap lol.
  8. Thanks but i have done quite a few watercooled builds so i am not worried about leaks. Also this is a home server, not some critical production server Yeah its a home server so it wont be moving. I like watercooling but i dont do a lot of gaming so a watercooled server seemed like a fun project Yeah the clockspeed on those is nice but they are definitely a good chunk of change more than the 2680V2. I can get a pair of the 2680V2's for like $436 I dont have a ton of H265 content at the moment but its becoming harder to avoid. Ill stick to just a case for the server then. Still considering caselabs but i was also checking out the 900D, Tower 900 and there are a couple other Thermaltake cases that seem to fit the build Thanks!
  9. Hey All, First post here, followed the youtube channel for quite some time and some of my crazy build ideas have definitely stemmed from there. That said this is a build I am thinking of and was curious what you all thought Background: Back in 2011 i won the December 2011 guru3d rig of the month award which i know many have done but i was super excited about it and have been thinking about trying to do another build to make another run at winning but i really dont game that much these days (I have a laptop with an i7 7700hq/GTX 1070) but what i do use a lot is my home server. I run unraid on it as a base and Plex runs in a VM on it. So that got me thinking, it might be cool to do a high end watercooled server as I enjoy watercooling, would like to make a silent (as possible) server and build something fun and would go to something i use a lot.Current hardware:Asus Z9PE-D8 WS2x Xeon E5-2670 (v1s)32GB (8x 4GB DDR 3 1333 ECC)5x WD RED 8TB1x Toshiba X300 5TB (scratch drive outside of the unraid array)2x Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (for the VM's)Hardware to buy:2x Xeon E5-2680V2 (Fastest reasonably priced cpus i can put in this board, once i build it, i want to run it till it dies)Replace the 32GB with 64GB (and maybe bump up to 1600)Leaning towards Caselabs for the case, Maybe the Mercury S8 or something bigger. Ideally want to be able to fit ~8 3.5" drives (and a couple 2.5")All the watercooling gear (what i get will largely depend on the case i get)A couple SAS cards (non-raid) - Want to get some so i can run SAS to SATA breakout cables, and the onboard Intel SATA ports no longer work on my Asus boardMisc thoughts:As with all my previous builds i will have to come up with a theme of some sortNot sure if there are any better deals in terms of raw cpu power than the E5-2680V2's ?Plex server will need to be beefy enough for 5-10 1080p streams at the same time, also H265 content abuses cpus. Also will be running a minecraft server on it, an exchange server and a few other small lab VM'sAre there any cases big enough to run 2 builds? IE this on 1 side and a second machine on the otherside? like if i did decide to add a gaming machine down the roadThoughts?