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  1. If you are really not inclined to familiarize with inspect element, you could always use instaloader.
  2. So, two days ago, I was overwhelmed by Linus' new video on the IC Graphite Thermal Pad and I instantly thought of getting one for my next build, in which I plan to include either a GTX 1070 or 1080 with an EKWB water block on it. This lead me to think that maybe I could use a second thermal pad instead of thermal paste on my GPU block. So here's the question: is it a bad idea to use an alternative to thermal paste on an expensive GPU? Has anyone tried something similar? I was also afraid that the pad could be too wide for the chip: is it a reasonable doubt or does it not really matter? Thanks in advance.
  3. top_line

    Random Program and Windows Crashes

    In that case I'm a bit out of solutions. This thread seems pretty revelant, though.
  4. top_line

    Random Program and Windows Crashes

    I would say it could be your RAM, as I experience the same with barely 4GB, but 16GB seems to be enough. Try opening up Discord and Chrome with a bunch of tabs and monitor the memory they take up. Maybe your RAM chips are about to die or something is overloading your CPU in the background. Try monitoring your CPU temperature as well.
  5. top_line

    Quit gaming

    Think about what you wish to do if you were you quit gaming and you have found yourself a great reason to quit. If you really are determined to quit gaming, you may need a reason, because people don't do stuff if there is no reason for it: the best one I could think of is that gaming takes up precious time that you're not getting back: time that you could use to learn something and better yourself. While gaming does not offer great benefits, there are hobbies that do and others that don't, for example, there's this Youtube channel called Linus Tech Tips that teaches you about all sorts of hardware. You could spend all of your waking time studying to be the very best in your class or to learn a subject you're passionate about. In my opinion, it would be good to set yourself to a mindset of gaming is only a hobby and go from there: it could help quitting if you tell yourself gaming is a secondary part of your day, because it is. Consider investing more time into your main projects and priorities while keeping gaming to a tiny amount. There's nothing wrong with playing just a little bit. Instead of quitting completely, you could use gaming as a mean to lay off the stress from school, work, and your main goal, but that's about it. If you can work the self-control, set a timer for a few hours a day and decrease it from time to time.
  6. top_line

    RGB Control Software

    This is a great idea: even though I'm not very much into RGB I do own a few parts that each require a different program to control. Sorry if this comes out as a dumb question, but how would you go about including a certain piece of hardware if there are no open source drivers for it? Could you also post a guide on doing so? I think it would greatly help others to contribute more easily.