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  1. For anyone in the future, you arent crazy, this video shows what happens.
  2. So I got another question. If I get one with 300 degrees rotation, and my current one is 270, how much do you think it will mess up??? I assume none, and ill just get more rotation
  3. WAIT NEVERMIND. On the brown board it says b10k 270
  4. Makes sense why they were able to make this wheel only 70 dollars back in the day XDXD also there is no symbol for the ohm rating /:
  5. Yup, lemme open that wheel again XDXD
  6. That's what I assume. The inside is relatively clean, but the glue seems to have turned red and is flaking. I actually can check the potentiometer, it can be removed by unscrewing the bracket. (at least they didn't try gluing that)
  7. So recently I got a 5 dollar steering wheel, it all works, but the left goes 3/4 the way, and the right goes fully right and 1/4 left. I thought this was a software error, but I recently thought about it and it has to be a mechanical error. So I looked inside my steering wheel yet again, all seems fine, it even shows up on my pc as a 360 controller. When the potentiometer goes to the right, at the very end is a tiny *click* and that little click marks the point it goes ballistic and guns it left. I assume this has to be right considering past experience with controllers. We used to make our own wheels when I was younger by removing the analog stick, and then wiring on a potentiometer. and it worked. I may not know something here, Am I missing anything??? been a long time since ive messed with steering wheels, but I feel that replacing the potentiometer will be a good call of action.
  8. So I just thought of this randomly, the potentiometer at the end of the wheel. When I turn it all the way to the right, there is a very silent click sound. Could a broken/forced potentiometer be the issue?? That same click sound is right where the wheel guns it left on the right side as well
  10. Darn, Guess that's what ya get out of a 5 dollar steering wheel XDXDXD
  11. So I recently got a mad catz mc2, and the wheel has a very weird problem. In game, the wheel when steered to the left, goes about 3/4 left. When steered right, the wheel goes fully right, then at the very end, steers left and goes 1/4 left. I took apart the wheel to see if the motor sensor was offset, but it was perfectly in line. I also did try to move it one more turn to counteract the left issue, but it only goes to far to each side, and is once again, centered. I have also tried windows calibrate, nada. Please help, I just don't know how to fix this!
  12. Eh, ok. At the moment Ive retro Brited it, and Im restoring it, so lol I guess it will just be a cool nick nack XD
  13. Lol Idk just going through stuff and found this, and an old hp one which I looked up the model number and found, this one nothing.
  14. Destroyed a Ibm pc before I knew what was rare, this keyboard went with it. Anyone know the system it came with??
  15. Eh Ill stay with the Amd/Pentium combo. My 8700k is my baby, first pc I built with completely brand new parts XD