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Shannon Chou

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    Intel i5 6400 Custom Stocked to 3.1Ghz, Disabled TurboBoost
  • Motherboard
    MSI H110M PRO-VD
  • RAM
    Kingston 16GB 2133Mhz
  • GPU
    MSI GTX1060 3GB
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  • Display(s)
    LG 20M35
  • Keyboard
    AULA SI-886 MECHANICAL GAMING KEYBOARD 104KEYS non backlit led with blue switch
  • Mouse
    Alcatroz X-Craft Noiz Z8000 Gaming Mouse
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  1. Shannon Chou

    nVidia vs AMD, stability and driver-wise.

    you don't even need to install GFE either way, i only use GFE for streaming or recording as i feel that it has less performance impact. Btw, you basically won't use GFE to update the driver as you'll need to DDU the older driver in order to install the new driver to prevent some issues, so update a new driver on top of the old driver is really not recommended. In addition to that, you basically won't even update your driver everytime they release a new driver build. They might even f**k up some game's performance on the newer driver, which they say "optimized".
  2. Shannon Chou

    i5 6500 overcocking

    u can't, wat u can do is just cranck it up to the max speed which is its turbo speed, like my 6400, running 3.1ghz
  3. Shannon Chou

    Favorite piece of tech under $100?

    why not a $100 steam wallet code?
  4. Shannon Chou

    Dad's Laptop Failure

    yes, the gpu is above the cpu, beside the blower, it has the ATi logo on it, oh i forgot to take a picture of it when i scrapped the thermal paste maybe this little chip which does not have a heatsink is the onboard graphics. after comparing with both laptops, this small chip is right behind the holes for air inlet, so maybe the surrounding air is sufficient to cool it down?
  5. Shannon Chou

    Dad's Laptop Failure

    should be the technician that fixed the gpu previously, nearly fainted when i saw that much paste, dunno if laptop should be like this, i did not apply that much on my desktop....
  6. Shannon Chou

    Dad's Laptop Failure

    oh no, tats not, the gpu is above the cpu, beside the blower, furthermore, how could it even work without burning out without cooling solution
  7. Shannon Chou

    Dad's Laptop Failure

    u mean the small metal piece? its covered with thermal paste tho and its between the GPU and the heatsink... obviously
  8. Shannon Chou

    Dad's Laptop Failure

    oh u mean this? i'm not very sure either, own laptop got this too near the ram lol, i think its not much of a problem, there's thermal paste down there, so it should be able to rip it out
  9. Shannon Chou

    Dad's Laptop Failure

    So, after some trail and error and a bunch of troubleshooting, there's something wrong (identified 1, might be more). It is an Acer Aspire 4738G, previously it kept on restart and my dad sent it to a technician and they say the graphics card burned and they changed it to a recon one (honestly i don't know how they did it, it is soldered to the board), so the laptop came back and can be used but cannot plug in with hdmi to a TV. Two days ago, while my dad's using it, it suddenly blacked out, nothing came up when turned on, similar to my previous post. Surely, i found what happened to my laptop and you guys can see the answer i marked. So, back to my dad's laptop, the troubleshoots i had done were: 1. Switched dad's laptop hdd to my laptop My laptop posts, i entered my laptop's bios and found that the hdd is detected, exited bios and continue, nothing happened, hdd light blinked a few seconds and totally gone. Restart my laptop again without entering bios, still same, after post and blank. Hence i can deduce that my dad's laptop hdd is dead. 2. Switched my laptop hdd to dad's laptop Hoped it works, but it still the same, dad's laptop does not post and nothing came out on screen. Besides, i found out something weird, when i wanted to shut it down by holding the power button, i just need to press the button, no need of holding it, and dad's laptop shut-ed down. My laptop would need to hold down the power button for a few seconds to shut down tho. This not posting and nothing on screen problem is the same as my own laptop (as topic shared above), so i... 3. Changed ram and check ram slots Can't prove anything either, switching slots, switching rams, still did not show anything on screen. Dad's laptop ram works fine on my own laptop tho. Attached is the pictures i took about my dad's laptop. There's something bothering me, there's a small metal piece (picture 4 and 5) on the graphics card heat sink. Took more pictures of it because i suspect its the graphics card burned out again but end up more faults found. So what i wanna ask is that what is actually wrong here, which parts that i can identified as faulty so i can help the technician to narrow the scope down and fix it for me. Or is it really no point to save this laptop anymore? Thank you for your time reading this, i gladly accept any suggestions.
  10. Shannon Chou

    Help!! Laptop won't start!!

    how to mark as solved? i used my reply as answer
  11. Shannon Chou

    Help!! Laptop won't start!!

    thank you very much, i only thought of the ram, u can say that i panicked and did not check on the slot now checking on my dad's laptop
  12. Shannon Chou

    Help!! Laptop won't start!!

    guys, found the culprit. i changed the rams on 1 slot, i did not check on both the slot, i only checked the ram. so got back to the question, why one of my ram slots got killed? what killed it?
  13. Shannon Chou

    Help!! Laptop won't start!!

    with drive connected, it shows nothing, i spammed all keys but still can't enter bios. without the drive it shows nothing either. yes i do know that's common sense when screwing all so and that, i just wanted to do it safe
  14. Shannon Chou

    Help!! Laptop won't start!!

    okay here's the steps, previously its on sleep, so i wake it up and shutdown, waited it to completely shutdown then took out the battery (as i'm a bit paranoid of statics, i don't like the feel), removed the screws of the cover that only covers the hdd and ram. unscrew and took out the hdd, same thing done on my dads laptop, its just i need to unscrew all the screws from my dad's laptop (different brand). swapped it, screw everything back and turned on dad's laptop. Nothing either, so i went through all the fuss again and unscrew and put it back to my laptop. screw them all back and... uhhh... dead
  15. Shannon Chou

    Help!! Laptop won't start!!

    yes, i tried taking out either rams and tested. i'm on ground but its a marble floor and i took out the battery and unplugged it. it will be a huge chunk from my dad's wallet then if both laptop died. so i would like to see if anything can help save it back