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  1. Hm ok, these are some really good input. Thanks guys. So far it seems both side are fairly comparable in terms of driver quality/reliability. Some further chat with friends and looking at the links I was provided, it's given me some rather contradictory data in terms of performance between the GTX1060 6Gb and the RX580 8GB. So rather than asking for numbers since that seems to vary from source to source, I would like to know if anyone has tried both cards in various gaming situations and their experience with the cards. Or if you have used any one card for any period, what are your experiences
  2. They aren't that close, but it's in a close enough price bracket that I would consider. On promo, the pricing difference between the cheapest GTX1060 3GB and RX 570 is about $50 here (Just under $35 USD). I would say the difference in performance should justify the price difference. The price difference between 1060 6GB and RX580 8GB is just $20, so I consider it close enough as a purchase. Yeah personally I've also had issues with GFE and wasn't too fond of it, but I just don't install it. I haven't experienced Radeon Software since my last AMD card was a 7870 from 5 years ago
  3. Hey guys, so my previous GPU died about 2~3 years ago and I've been reverted to my old GTX 550Ti for the time. I wanted to get a new GPU back then but I was fresh out of university so I didn't have to the time/funds for one. Long story short, I'm deciding on a value GPU until the next gen comes out whenever they will be. I'm eyeing the GTX 1060 or the RX 570/580. Not really looking at other GPU models. So my deciding factor right now is reliability and stability, in both hardware (i.e. known bugs or incompatibility) and software (i.e. driver issues). If you have any ex
  4. off topic kinda, but cant find the marble skin on the dbrand configurator :\ legit couldnt tell it was a skin and i really liked the look
  5. Cheap looking plastic case. Tacky look imo, and A LOT of wasted space with the protruding exterior as well as internal spacing. There's probably a point of diminishing returns for internal space for air cooling, and I would guess Corsair is really hitting that point. The lacking fan filtering really pales when you are up against competitions like Phanteks. 2 Front USB for a big ATX case? C'mon Corsair, you're smarter than this. Oh proprietary LED buttons and front module bays that you will have to buy SEPARATELY? You might as well tell me that Apple now owns Corsair. No, sorry Corsair, looks l
  6. Uh I'm using a Corsair K95 RGB, Mionix Naos 7000, AKG K7XX, and a Razer Goliathus extended. need a headset
  7. Running a GTX 550Ti... because the other gpu I was using failed and I've been contacting for a repair... for the last 3 months ~w~ still no solution. Plus I'm sick of nVidia's monopoly on the pricing of things. From what I was told from a local store here, the founder's edition GTX 1060 will be $700 on launch... (FYI GTX 1070 is like... $800) while the "stock" RX 480 was $500 on launch...
  8. surprised to see so few people pointing out that linus showed no check for wires or studs
  9. OMG where was this when I was forced to do app dev on windows 8... used a second computer just to save myself from having to change my main desktop's os to win8 (this was two years ago, before win10)
  10. omg loving the format and style of the show! please do more
  11. Nvidia Shield Tablet: http://www.amazon.com/Nvidia-Shield-8-0-Inch-Tablet-Version/dp/B0171BS9CG/ref=sr_1_11?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1449742572&sr=1-11&refinements=p_n_availability%3A1248800011%2Cp_74%3A10000-29999%2Cp_n_shipping_option-bin%3A3242350011 I've always wanted to get my mum a tablet, so she can stop reading messages and look at photos from our relatives on the tiny old iphone 4 screen. Unfortunately I'm only just looking towards graduation, I'm no where near close to being able to afford an usable tablet for her. She's your classic tech illiterate mum haha, so the device
  12. My mum could use a PC, and this form factor is perfect! I can fit it in almost anywhere in the house without cringing that it's too slow.
  13. beautiful designs that just works!
  14. oh the nostalgia competing using the mindstorm v2 kits and failing miserably good times