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  1. 1G is nice and they;re giving me it for a very good price. Cox can deliver it. They have before in my old house. It's not like they can't lol. There's many variables here and I understand that. Just the inconsistency on my own computer has me confused.
  2. I was using cox's modem router combo and I tried my own CM1000. Used Cat5e and Cat6. I still should get speeds over 5-600 with someone else using it but yes, i have tested with out anyone using it. Thanks. They provide the full speed according to them. Does anyone actually NEED 1G? Lol, bad argument.
  3. Yes, SSD. No clue of the speed because I downloaded it everynight.
  4. I have a 2080S. That doesn't looks like too much Sag but if you're worried you can get a bracket.
  5. You tried running as admin?
  6. Your speedtest.net is using Perth, while google fiber used Sydney. thoes are like 4k km from each other. I still don't understand why THE SAME SERVER would give such different results on the website vs extension. Maybe the extension is a better connection. Trying to download star wars and only getting 12. Internet is frustrating.
  7. I understand we're in a pandemic but my wifi is faster than ethernet? I really don't think we're being throttled that hard. Theres no doubt I can reach the speeds i pay for. But my downloads of games are very weird. Specially at 5AM where it's not peak hours or something like that. Maybe i'm just losing my mind but something doesn't sound right. Why would 5 different websites give that big of a discrepancy? Run your internet on speedtest, fast.com & the google fiber, I bet your speeds will be roughly close. Not hundreds off.
  8. But again, why does the Speed test extension give me 900+ but the website gives me 250 on the same server. There is a discrepancy.
  9. Highly doubt that as millions pay for gigabit and get it everyday As stated in the op, I know there are variables but they're way off. 9700K & an SSD so no bottleneck. I've tried steam (30ish) battle.net (20ish) and origin is the worst at around 12. I don't understand the inconsistency between speedtest.net and the extension as they're the exact same server, makes 0 sense. Cox's own website is maxed out at about 250 ( ran by ookla so not surprising )
  10. The problem is the inconsistency and any downloads not giving me the speed the extension is saying.
  11. Hi all, I am losing my mind over this. I am paying cox for their "gigablast" package. 1k Down, 35 up. Since I received it, on 3 different hardwired devices, my max speed is is about 250mbps on the speedtest.net website. If i use the speedtest.net google chrome extension, it gives me 900+. On my iPhone 11, over 5G wifi, I'm getting 350+ (Both speeds are the same in task manager too.) Multiple other websites give me way different speeds. I understand different servers but, it should not be THIS different. I am dumbfounded. Using cat5e, cat6, doesn't matter. I have had cox out to my place and they are saying the modem is receiving the correct speeds (even with a 2 new cox modems or my CM1000). When I go to download something, my max on origin is 10Mb/s. Steam is around 30. I seriously don't understand.
  12. @Windows7ge @piratemonkey Using the speed test extention, task mngr hit 990mbps. while cox's own website hit 260mbps max. Both servers in Louisiana. I really am dumbfounded here.
  13. Still, one pinged Kansas city and got 250? Somethings not right.
  14. Downloaded CS from Steam, max was 30. Tried downloading BFV from origin, max was 11MB.