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  1. Hey i was just wondering what's the normal temperature for this cpu[It's a laptop]. it's between 45-59 And suddenly after i updated my windows the fan speed is higher and i can hear it. why is that?
  2. Hey, i was wondering where i can get professional help for free from someone regarding clearing my pc from any viruses just to make sure it's clean. Thanks in advance.
  3. So what would i be looking for? a router? for a home.
  4. I'm a bit confused about the router and modem. i did read about them but still confused. i was wondering if someone can explain it a bit more for me Also what's better a router with a modem or just a router. Another question would be does any router work with the internet company i'm with or what?[I'm with bezeq.]
  5. I see,thanks. i would still like more information regarding these stuff obviously
  6. Hey i was just looking on ebay regarding thermal paste for my cpu but i see there's different materials Can someone please explain what's the difference between these material and what's better etc As in saying the negative and the positive reasons about these materials for a cpu. The materials that i saw are silver+silicone+diamond+ Aluminum Oxide
  7. Hey, i'm looking for a software/tool to monitor my outbound internet etc that shows which services/programs/softwares/.exe etc on my pc is using my bandwidth it's so i can find out if i got a virus or something for whenever i lag in games. Any idea which software to use? because i have no idea.Obviously nothing huge like wireshark i only want something that shows me programs/services on my pc that use my internet etc. so i can pin point if i do got a virus or not can't be 2 safe even if i used multiple softwares to scan.
  8. Which options do i choose in it though mind helping me out? thanks It only goes into night mode if it's night etc? what if i want it in night mode all the time to maximize less strain on my eyes?
  9. GrizzlyBear0

    PC glasses

    Hey, i know that pc glasses block the harmful effect of the monitor but whenever i wear them i get a headache which is annoying. I also know there's softwares etc to make the screen/yellowish etc i don't know what it exactly does but i know it's similar to the pc glasses however i'm not sure if it actually works and came to verify it here Does it actually work? because i need to take the strain off my eyes. Also if it does actually work can you please give me the name of the software?
  10. Hey as the title says my phones microphone stopped worked and it somehow gotten slower I tried formating/wiping the phone fully and it did not help the phone is still slow and the microphone is still not working[I have to use headphones to talk with people]. Also all of the sudden it turns off and sometimes stops typing or the screen sometimes turns off and then works again. And it doesn't charge correctly, sometimes while charging it keeps cutting That about sums up all the problems Phone model/name/type:Samsung J7 Pro Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help. Also another question what softwares actually work regarding malwares/exploits/viruses etc? because ik for a fact malwarebytes premium is the best for pc but i don't know a single thing about phones.
  11. But the real question is, is there a better motherboard for the same price budget etc