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  1. i mean yes with a splitter but then you will be seeing the same thing on each moniter so you cant multitask so pretty useless to me i wouldn't like to be seeing double lol if you have two HDMI ports on your GPU plug your mointers into both and it should work,. idk why a guy would have a HDMI port that does not display anything a gpu is littley for that
  2. well did you stress tests for at least 24 hours after you overclocked?
  3. I can still you you didnt read my location, i live in the USA, I was only in sweden for the first 3 years of my life becase I was born there and them my mom met a new guy and moved to the USA with him to start a new life, I grew up in the smallest town (IN AMERICA) i've seen in my area, well scratch that there is a town with only 100-300 people like 20 minutes away but i've only been there once to see what the town looked like. but when you drive to the city (population of 3.28 MILLION) the drive was a bare drive just empty fields for an hour untill you get on the freeway and then you started seeing like billboards and towns off the side of the freeway and stuff. when I was little I thought my town was the whole world lol i was like six but still, we would go for wheeling for hours and never come across another town or person so I assume what I saw was all it was untill I started getting in like third grade and learning about the world. so just because you think the world is full of nice built schools and that we have no small towns that dont get help and that doesn't even have a police department and get any 911 to get there they have to drive 30+ minutes ( they would speed so its faster duh ) from the closest town. (yes they drive and pratol out there sometimes but it was very rare maybe once a week if that) you keep thinking you know what youre talking about but untill you experience it you cant say anything. we had to grow our own veggies becase the run to the store was way too far, our town had a local meat market and thats all we ate evey night. whatever cut of meat was the cheapest along with our home grown potatoes and carrots and onion, evey single night that we at our house. the only thing they have done to help fix this since I have lived there is there is now a school bus stop close to the town but its still a 2o minutes drive from the town, funny how the closest school is still way too far away cant they judt have the bus driver leave 20 min early and go the town to pick up kids. I assume more go to the real school now as money has been better in that area since I lived there. but its still shitty but no keep thinking what you want. just becase you got to live a privileged life doesn't mean we all did. not eveyone got to experience what you did. and I can tell you are not the brightest considering I said "Read my location and maybe you’ll understand" and my location says "I’m from Sweden but I don’t live in Sweden" I was hoping you would ask a question like oh where do you live then, or are you talking about sweden or where you live now. but I guess it wouldn't be fit for your agreement if you did. so you choose not to or just cant come up with the thought to ask. yes? what does that have to do with anything? anyone can do anything, my mother was a hairdresser for 17 years and then when she was 37 she decided to become a paralegal and went to college for it and a few years later she is now a paralegal at the age of 44 (she has been on for 3 years now I belive) and makes more money she she ever has. its all about drive and passion not where you grow up and how your raised ( to an extent). I was raised to be farm boy and did farm work for most of my life but now I haven't stepped foot on a farm in years and I am going to college for computer science even thought the only time I touched a computer before this was at school to type papers but i've never messed around with them or thought anything about them while I was in school using them. and before this I was in a classes to be a electrician but dropped that to change to computer science. stories of people going from redneck hillbilly to doing a job you think they wouldnt is no a rare story lol. just go to the south and many people were raised or grew up to just be farmers and ended up wanting more in life so they took it upon themself to change their outcome in life by educating them self. But i guess if you grow up in blue collar privileged world then you would think its a rare story because your not around enough people like that to hear or see it happend. my high school was full of rednecks and we had the highest graduation rate in the school district the year I graduated.
  4. yeah some people dont know about it and if they are using their site to try to get traffic that will help p 500%, mine looks like a 2004 webpage and squarespace looks like a 2020 webpage lol
  5. nope I want to do it all my own, i know of the sites like squarespace that exist and its just not for me, this is a hobby and fun for me to code and learn new things so using squarespace just eliminates all that. my website will likely be seen by zero people and I fully know that. its more for me then anyone else.
  6. i have my divs using 50% to size them alredy how do i so css for different sized screens? and what would i make differently in the css? just make sizes smaller to fit on mobile?
  7. I run through a web host provider but i honestly dont know how to work any of the stuff in the dashboard like all the SSH and SSL and all that stuff, i only know how to add html and css files as for the web host goes. maybe this is too advanced for me right now. i was most focused on the CSS and making my site look pretty
  8. so I am working on a website and on mobile it doesn't work and im not sure how to make a mobile site or responsive site yet and that fine with me I have stuff to learn before that but can I make it so if a mobile user goes on my website it will display a page for them saying we have no mobile site and the full site wont work on mobile so to access the site please use a desktop/laptop im only working with HTML and CSS.
  9. I bet the miners pre ordered it way before any gamers did lol i bet people have bots that pre order gpus at a decter price for them when they before available and the pre orders will be so high they cant supply them all
  10. then you cannot use freesync you have a Nvidia GPU, they only have G sync and all G Sync monitors are pretty expensive you can still get the moniter and it will work just you cant use the freesync technology
  11. freesync is a technology specially made to only work on AMD graphic cards, so if you do not have a AMD graphics card getting a freesync monitor is 100% useless unless you cant find the specs in a non freesync monitor (you can still use the monitor just wont be able to use freesync)
  12. Read my location and maybe you’ll understand. I did t rant about middle class white schools, maybe you learn to read again. I said not all schools are like white middle to upper class schools. The schools for middle to upper class whites back when there was segregation they had way better schools and that’s what I was referring to but maybe you are too young and haven’t learned about that in history class yet. there are still schools that to this day are very very shitty. I mean if flit still has water they can’t drink and you don’t believe this then the government brainwashed you through the media. and yeah Sweden having no rural land is like saying the earth has no oxyagen lol.
  13. when this is a thread and not a status update you know this post is wrong.
  14. I grew up in a town of like 750-1000, so the school was small and not everyone went but out of the ones who did it was still packed, it was still like your normal school just much smaller and we didnt have much of anything for anyone. we had groups in reading class becase we didnt have enough books for everyone across very grade and that was like a group of 5 getting 1 book. (the school only went to 6th grade) and the education we got was poor as a lot was outdated, when we switched to the school in the closest town in grade 7 (a 35 minute drive) we were very behind and most didnt go becase the poorest couldn't bring them. by now the town has grown and its better and part of a real school district now so that helps. I assume there are other towns like that. in remote areas like I grew up.