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  1. it’s enabled and stuff one thing we noticed is in the properties window there’s not as many tabs at the top, and when we try to get windows to check the disk nothing opens
  2. well it doesn’t show up in the file explorer to begin with so idk is there a way to tell
  3. uh it should be cause it was in it before, doesnt formatting remove everything though, there’s files on it
  4. hey so i just put a new ssd in my friends pc and he had a hard drive with some stuff on it not an os. all is good except the drive and all it’s free space shows up in disk management, but can’t be accessed from windows explorer. it has a drive letter and everything looks ok
  5. k so i put a new ssd in my friends pc today and all went well it boots off the new ssd just fine with everything that was on it and his old 120gb sata ssd still shows fine. but his 1tb hard drive doesnt show up in my pc or disk manager and he has some important stuff on there. im sorry i dont know the hard drive model but if anyone has some suggestions aside from replugging the sata cables it would help. also before this happened i unplugged and replugged all the sata cables in to get the new m.2 to show which worked. i made sure all the cables were plugged in properly after though.
  6. i realized my mistake, the m.2 slot i was putting it in only supports pcie ssds and its a sata drive. Thanks anyways!
  7. notice how in the samsung magician it says pcie gen 2 2x. The expected speeds require newer 4x pcie slots which your motherboard doesnt have. The ssd is getting half the pcie lanes and is therefore only performing at half that speed. This is the most that 4th gen cpus and motherboards support im pretty sure. Sorry but you cant get it any faster without replacing motherboard cpu and ram.
  8. Wasn't really sure what to call this topic but ill explain the issue. So my friend needs a new ssd and i had a 500gb m.2 in my old laptop that i offered to him. The problem is i need to clear this to give it to him and the laptop is dead and i cant find the charger. So, i put the ssd into my pc to access it but when i try to boot my pc, i get a yellow light on my asus z370 board and it wont boot while the ssd is in, the drive also doesnt show up in the bios. Not sure if it makes a difference but the ssd has an install of windows on it, but i dont think thats the problem. If you missed what i needed out of that i just need to clear it but i cant access it. Thanks!
  9. ya the thing is my dad got me 2 individual of the ml120 for christmas but we might not be able to returh them, corsair sells them o their website but theyre out of stock
  10. ok thnaks, is it possible to just buy the rgb hub?
  11. quick question, i have a pack of the 3 ll fans that come with the rgb hub and lighting node pro. can i connect both ll and ml fans to the rgb hub and still be able to control them? Thanks.
  12. Haven't gotten it yet, but considering getting this case cause i personally think it looks great and i like the way it's set up. One thing tho, i plan to have my h100i v2 and 3 case fans but i dont know how i should set them up. Also, not sure if i wanna put the radiator on the side cause its 240mm and i feel like itll just look weird there. Last thing, would it be best to do in through side then out through top, or in through bottom out throught top, or mix of the two.
  13. ok so im 90% sure the noise is coming from the power supply , does anyone know what could cause this all of a sudden also why its rebooting once
  14. Ya i tried that, also took out gpu and hard drive, still makes the noise and restarts once every time i turn it on