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  1. Anything from DOS-XP, early versions of Longhorn (Vista dev builds), FreeDOS, lite Linux distro...
  2. I usually put my modern computers to sleep, unless I need to install updates; older ones got all the way off!
  3. Start with an overclock of your current CPU and upgrade GPU first. If after oc'ing you don't notice enought of a performance boost, then look into new CPU+MOBO.
  4. Are you getting the performance that you need? If you were to upgrade, what's your budget?
  5. Based on your limited budget, I think that you should keep your CPU and get a GPU with more VRAM and double your RAM to 16GB. If you can find a cheap Z87/Z97 motherboard, you could overclock your CPU.
  6. The picture says that there were spikes in the PSU, it might be dying.
  7. Why not use a Z490 chipset for overclocking and faster RAM speeds?
  8. Looks pretty good. Starting in Jan, you can update the BIOS on that board for Ryzen 5000 support, so you can always upgrade if needed.
  9. I fixed it on my latop by changing WIFI cards.