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  1. So, the survirval part of the server was down, and i tried to jump in the portal, it said time untill you can use the portal; 7, 5, 3 ,1. And then i got tp, First i saw me and one other person on a destroyed piece of land (pic one). Then i saw the sidebar and got a heart attack, what skyblock? i tried /island create and i worked so pic 2. And i had a pig (pic 3). So i used my big brain to create a cobblestone farm (pic 4). This is as far as i got, just a funny and wierd glitch. After that i got the message in chat "Returned to lobby because server closed, so yeah.
  2. It works, i changed the dns. Huge thanks to the discord tech-support
  3. So, i just now unistalled and reinstalled firefox to fix an issue i was having. But now, when i press the "log-in" button on any google site it takes me to the "enter email or phone" screen. When i write my email down and press "next" nothing happends. Sorry for my bad English it is not my first language, and i'm young and in a hurry
  4. I fixed it, I both restartet firefox, and remove a extiension, i think it was the extension. But thank y'all for the help
  5. He does not hate firefox, he never said anything like that. He does not use it because it's unstabe (atleast for hem, not me).
  6. I only noticed it recently, but sometimes when i'm on a website and scroll down, after 20-30 seconds i return to the top of the page. I think it has something to do with the site refreshing randomly. i THINK there is something wrong with my firefox instalation, so later i'm gonna run a full virus scan of everything. Just wanted to know if anyone else had the same issue.
  7. It's not dead, now it turned on and charges stuff, i am really confused
  8. I sadly can't get more details on the specific model because the text is worn off, but here are som pictures Ignore where is says "monobank"
  9. I have a "Scorpion/iwalk" 1200 mah power bank, it worked normally for a long time, but now it does not turn on or power anything. I can charge it normally, but when I press the power button nothing happens.