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  1. Yes, I made it as a journal / book kind of style, so it's keeping a log of all the parts, and at the same time it also tells a story, written with some slight immersion to it.
  2. We started logging our builds, and this is my take on it. I'm sharing this because I think it turned out as a pretty interesting "started from the rock bottom" kind of story For context, the computer I upgraded from in 2015 had: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz Nvidia Quadro FX 3450 3GB DDR2 RAM Comments are enabled so you can comment there if you so wish. [link]
  3. That's the exact definition of a CPU bottleneck: two of your cores are pegged at 100% while the others sit there and do nothing, there's nothing you can do about it, except a CPU with better single core performance.
  4. Who knows? All in all Im kinda glad the other one broke down because now I feel I unlocked the true potential of this card.
  5. I second this, I've heard lots of rumours about bad backwards compatibility with nvidia drivers.
  6. Can a badly flashed bios affect the performance and/or thermals of a card? Here's some back story About a month ago I bought a Sapphire HD 7850 second hand, and it had great performance, but lacking in other games (such as SS3 Fusion or Borderlands 2) I didn't think much of it, I thought it was a CPU bottleneck doing that, but recently it got some power delivery issues, and the guy was kind enough to give me an MSI as replacement (same model), only 1GB in memory though, but it runs much cooler, by about 10-15 degrees, and it performs much better to my surprise: where I couldn't really play SS3 or Borderlands in 1080p above 45FPS average, now I can play both of those in 1440p60+ (same exact settings) no problem. The day I took the card back is when I found out the Sapphire had been flashed poorly by somebody else.
  7. OK yes, that I understand, but was the bad performance an issue with the bios? Can a bad bios cause terrible performance?
  8. Make sure to read everything, there's some questions at the end About a month ago I went ahead and got a HD 7850 2GB from Sapphire, second hand, I was looking to upgrade my R7 250. All was well and good, it was running a bit hot, but I didn't pay much attention to it (wouldn't exceed 76-77 degrees, but I had to undervolt to keep it from becoming a jet engine), performance was good too, superior to the 250's, but I thought it had had its bios re-flashed, because the picture on the bios database had a different cooler than mine, while I did later learn pictures there aren't 100% representative of what the card actually looks like, it did have its bios re-flashed, but I'm getting ahead of myself. And so, performance in some games was kinda poor, games like Borderlands 2, still playable, but absolutely abysmal frame times and wouldn't get past 45-50fps max, same story with Serious Sam 3: Fusion, while others did run well, I didn't know how poor they ran until I got a replacement, but I'm getting ahead of myself again. Fast forward to 3 days ago, when I was getting seemingly power delivery issues. The card looked good both idle and in-game, no artifacts, however under stress the driver would crash leaving behind lines of the same looking gradient repeated, something I know is caused by not enough voltage, because I had an unstable undervolt that behaved just like that. Anyway, yesterday I took the card back to the guy I got it from, and he was friendly enough to help me figure out the issue. I was hoping it was my power supply that had the problem, because it's still in warranty, but it did the same "unstable undervolt" crash on him, too. We tried re-flashing the bios, thinking this is what may have been causing it, and THIS is where I learned the card had had its bios re-flashed by somebody else, and really badly at that too because it couldn't be re-flashed again, not even showing anything in atiflash. Meanwhile, I left that card at the guy and he was kind enough to give me another HD 7850 he had, this time from MSI, but only 1GB in size, I took it kinda reluctantly thinking it would impact my performance because it had half the buffer, but when I got home I was pleasantly surprised that not only did it run 10 degrees cooler than the Sapphire, with a slower fan profile, too, but it was also running so much better, now I'm able to get 70+fps (can't tell exactly how much above that, I've locked the framerate) in both Borderlands 2, and Serious Sam 3: Fusion. Now there are also some questions to be had after all this. 1. Are old Sapphire cards, from about that time really bad? Are they still this bad? My R7 250 is a Sapphire and I haven't had any issues with it in the past 3 years. 2. Could the poor performance in the Sapphire card have been caused by the poorly flashed bios? TL;DR: I bought a sapphire HD 7850 that went bad shortly after, got it replaced with a 1GB version from MSI which somehow performs vastly better.
  9. I've seen Inno3D going as far back as the early 2000s
  10. Well fine then, let's call the weaker 1050 a 1040. Or better yet, let's have the 4GB version only
  11. Yeah I kinda realised after posting.
  12. Well they were already lied to so... Well yes, it's kinda what I've been saying.
  13. How exactly would it cause trouble? It makes way more sense because there is no chip disparity between the 1050 and current 1050 ti, what does cause problems is the way they're tiered currently, calling a 1050 ti a 1060 just so you can charge more for it.
  14. 1050 2GB and 1050 4GB, probably, just like with RX 560, nobody is calling the 4GB variant an RX 560x, because it just doesn't have a chip powerful enough to be called "560x".
  15. No, I'm saying 1060 3GB should have been 1050 ti, because the 1060 6GB is the full 1060 chip, and the 3GB is the cut-down chip...
  16. Yeah no, it's just nvidia overselling a 1050 ti so they can charge 1060 prices for a 1050 ti.
  17. 1060 3GB is also weaker than a 1060 6GB, therefore making it NOT a 1060, it's a 1050 ti. The current 1050 "ti" is nothing more than a 4GB variant of the same 1050 2GB
  18. Do you still have the laptop? Get Blue Screen View and tell us what file causes the crash, if it's something like atikmdag.sys then it's most likely the driver.
  19. Why do they call the 1060 3GB a 1060 when it's clearly a 1050 ti?
  20. Do you mean "1060" as in "1060 6GB" as in "1060", or "1060" as in "1060 3GB" as in "1050 TI" (the current 1050 "ti" is nothing more than a 4gb 1050)
  21. Remains to be seen, I'll visit the guy I got it from, and maybe I can get my money back, or we sort out the problem and we find out it was probably the power supply all along.
  22. Which is what I fear might have happened, it started being unstable even at stock voltage even in stuff that used to be stable before, like Heaven, it's ok in idle, but under load the screen fills with the same looking artifact repeated, and it crashes, good thing I still have my R7 250 to hold its place while I save up for a new card.
  23. Well yeah, my thoughts exactly, I won't be doing that though because I want my card to run as cool as possible, trying to keep it below 75 (and relatively silent) at all costs, even opened up the case so that it has more room to exhaust the hot air (which did help by 2-3 degrees which is the difference between a feather falling and a jet engine taking off).
  24. Doesn't the chip degrade if it runs too hot or is overvolted too much?
  25. So you're saying a certain voltage will slowly lose stability all by itself?