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  1. what do you use it the most for? sport etc. or emails, spotify and notifications?
  2. Hey guys, I recently fell in love with smartwatches, as some friends got one, I want one myself now and I have an android so the Apple watches are not compatible. I saw the Samsung galaxy watch but it's a bit too expensive for me so I then looked at the S3 Frontier, but because it's already a bit old, is it still a good smartwatch to buy? I am not planning to buy a new (smart)watch in 3 years if I buy the S3 Frontier. so my questions are: Is it a good smartwatchh to buy in 2019? Will it last with me for 3 years or more with updates? are there any other good smartwatches for android and around 200 Dollars?
  3. I believe my audio jack is broken as If I plug it in, I get no source of input, my earbuds will not even show that they are connected, and they won't put out music this happens on all of my devices that use the 3.5mm jack that I plug into my phone. there is no dust in there and I cannot see any signs of damage with my eyes in it. My phone is Huawei p8 lite 2017. I really hate this as I often listen to music and I cannot be asked to buy somewhat reasonable and good looking Bluetooth earbuds (expensive). Anyone know what could be the reason and how to solve?
  4. What graphics card do you have? Just wondering
  5. hey guys! I want to buy a monitor and this monitor looks really nice because of (almost) no borders on them. the con is that it has a 7ms response time. My questions: Will this monitor be good for school, gaming (fortnite and f1 2018 on PS4) and other things like coding. Will I see a noticable difference between 7ms and 5ms? Should I get it? It's only 110 Euro's here. Monitor: AOC 24B1XH Site link: http://us.aoc.com/en/products/24b1xh
  6. Im really confused with all adapters, if you have any time left, would you mind searching a cheap one on AliExpress/Amazon? That will work from Ps4 to Vga monitor and Computer to Vga monitor? I would really appreciate it!
  7. https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-Converter-Ultrabook-Raspberry-Chromebook/dp/B00NBUTHJG Hey I want to buy a hdmi to vga adapter to use my ps4 on my monitor which still uses vga, will this adapter work as I heard that I need an active converter for it to work? Thanks
  8. Will this hdmi to vga adapter work?? I heard some adapters don't work and I want to be sure it will work! https://www.bol.com/nl/p/full-hd-1080p-hdmi-to-vga-audio-adapter-voor-hdtv-monitor-projectorwit/9200000065172411/?suggestionType=typedsearch&bltgh=nfesaM369NtQ5UiJdYVLlA.1.6.ProductTitle
  9. Hey! I want to get a new computer and I got two options to choose from. I can either get a used PC for 350 EUR, it has a ryzen 3 1300x, gtx 1050 but it sadly only has an a320 motherboard, so no overclocks, it also has a Vs450 PSU. Or I can build my own Ryzen 3 2200g system for 440 EUR that has a B450 motherboard a Cx450m (semi modular) and overall better parts. Which should I choose?
  10. Yeah but I am also buying a bios update with it and that is 10 euro in the store I get it. And the b450 is only 10 euro more, I will look at the motherboards you suggested.
  11. so the Ab350m pro4 is better than the b450 pro4?
  12. Hey guys! I am going to buy a ryzen 3 2200g system and I checked the B450 motherboards out and it turned out that I can get the B450m pro4 for the same price in my local store as the Ab350m pro4, my question is: What one should I get? and will the B450m pro4 have the same/better overclock abilities than the Ab350m pro4? as I heard the Ab350m pro4 is really good for budget overclocking. Ps: if there is a better budget b450 board, please also tell me as I can check if it's in my price range. Thanks for reading! and Thanks for helping!
  13. Hey guys! To keep it short, when will the ryzen pro chips be in the stores? Mainly focussed on the 2200G, I have tried myself to search for the dates but I couldn't find anything. Thank you!
  14. Which PSU is better? Cx450M or Cx450, both same price, but I heard one is 2015 and the cx450 is from 2017
  15. the 2017 version is not modular, this one is semi