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    China Linyi
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    Hardware and games
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    English teacher in China


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    I7 8700k all cores at 4.9GHZ
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    Auros Gaming 7 Z370
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    Trident Z RGB 32 GB 3200mhz
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    Coolermaster h500p
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    250gb samsung SSD & 2TB crucial mx500 & 1 Terabyte WD drive 7200 rpm
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    750 MWE gold
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    Asus VG278Q 144hz 1080p 1 mil
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    Corsair h115i
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    Steel series pro
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. The reason Id like to replace the thermal compound is because ive had the card since February of 2018 and now the card hit 80°C when I uncap it and let it run for a long period of time gaming like 2 hours with the clock around 1927mhz, The model of the card is a Chinese brand Colorful and there isnt much about the cards and the quality of them, my card seems to run well but I feel like its too hot and that maybe the manufacturer cheaped out on the compund so Id like to try a different paste to see if it helps with cooling other wise I will probably try by a aftermarket heat sink like the Morpheus ii or NZXT G12 bracket but im worried about compatibility with those so im trying the paste out first.
  2. Id like to disassemble my 1080ti to apply some aftermarket thermal paste, but im not sure whether I can just pull the heatsink off and apply new paste and stick it back together as I know some cards have thermal pads and things and im not sure whether you have to replace the thermal pad with a new one once its been peeled off like with thermal paste or if I can just stick the pad back on and it will be fine, also are there any pitfalls I should be aware of when tearing the card down and also any advice you guys might have.
  3. my issue is not that my mic sounds robotic in Discord its that it sounds robotic when I'm not in discord, my mic requires me to be connected to a discord server to not make the static noise, it doesnt matter if its a server or a call I just need to be connected to discord voice chat for my mic to work fine in everything else.
  4. So basically my steelseries Arctis pro have started to do some strange things like mic will make me sound robotic when I speak but If I launch Discord then join a server the problem goes away, Ive tried re-installig the SSE software and other sound drivers but the mic seems to always sound robotic till I join a Discord server does anyone have any advice for me. ?
  5. So on the Z370 Auros 7 theres a SABRE DAC (ESS9018Q2C) and a Realtek ALC1220 now my headset uses a USB connection but I would like to know how can I take advantage of this DAC do i need to use the read 3.5mm audio jack or will the sound be the same no matter where I connect my headset too ? sorry I'm just not sure if there's like a specified USB or audio jack I'm supposed to use or if it doesn't matter.
  6. Yip I guess I will have to do that. Honestly I just wish that they could be fixed again.
  7. I have an issue with warranty it was purchased for me by a friend, I used a friends account to purchase them as at the time I didnt have an account on the site that I used so I guess the warranty isnt under my name and I have tried so much glue but they always seem to break again and I feel like even if warranty covers me with the purchase not in my name, I feel like steelseries wouldnt be willing to help me as they would blame me for it.
  8. Basically my headset which I spent alot of money on cracked one night while I was using them, they were not sitting comfortably so I tried to adjust them to sit better and while moving the ear piece I heard a crack sound and that was that, my headset cracked and now the speaker just falls off and since then ive tried to glue the plastic back on multiple times but it just wont stick can anyone advise a specific type of glue or a solution beyond buying new ones, I do not want a new pair I spent over 3000 Rand on these and they're barely a year old and I cannot afford to buy new ones, Ill attach an image of them and show where the crack is if anyone can suggest something.
  9. I remembered need for speed shift exists and that has some customisation and the career mode letsme build my own car so I guess for now I'll settle for that till I find something similiar to that but newer Im currently downloading forza 6 apex to try that out, If anyone has any more suggestions please let me know I really appreciate it .
  10. I actually looked at it but in my country it starts at over 1000 rand which is roughly 70 usd and I don't have that kind of money for a game but I was interested in it as used to enjoy forza 2 on xbox as i remember you could buy something like a honda civic and tune it up and I really enjoyed those games and I remember the cars felt more on the simulation side than arcade side which I preferred.
  11. Ah I actually have it already but thank you for the recommendation
  12. I played project cars the original one for 200+ hours I enjoyed the realism of it and the cars handling, but there was no customisation in the game other than colors and tires and I have tried pc2 as well and it felt alot like number 1 to me unless I missed something like some kind of game mode but I dont think this is quite what im looking for, but I appreciate the time you took to reply and share this deal with me sir.
  13. Ive been looking for a car game that has good car customisation, mostly because I love to upgrade things and feel the performance change and cars tend to do this well, with how they change as they get upgraded so lately or well rather for a few years now Ive been waiting for a game like Need For Speed 2 or Forza 2 to come out on pc where you could build custom cars and race them and drive them and feel how they change as you improve them but, when forza horizon was released on pc I was amped but that game came out and the handling of the cars was too arcadesh for me, I get put off when cars handle like arcade games I prefer more realistic controls but most games that have more realistic handling seem to always have no car customisation other than paint and tires, and the more arcade style racers usually are where you get the customisation now. I have played project cars alot but that game lacks something to me to keep me interested so if you guys have any suggestions on car games like a forza horizon/project cars game where I can modify and build cars while also not being too arcadish please let me know im desperate for a good car game again. Sorry for the long post and bad grammar here's a full stop.