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  • Birthday 2002-05-04

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    Orin Fochler#4419
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    Aztec New Mexico USA
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    Astrophysics, sci-fi, ((music genres) disco, blues, country, rock, and jazz), and animation.
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    I geuss you could say im weird at times. I love doctor who. My favorite subject is astrophysics. My favorite documentaries are Cosmos A Space Time Odyssey, The Universe, and Planet Earth 1-2. Recently I have been working on my laptop to create my animated projects, while I wait to get a better desktop pc, but hey you work with what you got. As of now I am a sophmore in highschool who honestly loves to figure out new information. The part picker list is not my current hardware,it is a dream build that I hope to create. As of (Jun 30th 2019) I have finally made my own build, and I freaking love it man.
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    Amd ryzen 7
  • Motherboard
    MSI carbon
  • RAM
    32 GB (16x2)
  • GPU
    Radeon 7
  • Case
    Enermax full tower
  • Storage
    1 tb ssd 2 tb hard drive
  • Display(s)
    voc monitor 1080p 60hz
  • Cooling
    Amd stock 3 intake 1 exhaust
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
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  1. I just love how the msi dragon is a running joke now
  2. landscape_2_0_by_emmett_animation-dcatd5logo_full_by_emmett_animation-dcm8qsa.pnuntitled_by_emmett_animation-dcm8qwq.jpg

    more 3d material 

  3. E.M.A

    RTX or Titan V for 3D Animation

    thank you mate
  4. E.M.A

    RTX or Titan V for 3D Animation

    it's a intel i7 I plan on going with the amd threadripper in the near future
  5. E.M.A

    RTX or Titan V for 3D Animation

    the card I got now is a 750 and I believe 4 gb of Vram but yea maybe I should go with a full fledged and cup and gpu it would definitely make things easier
  6. E.M.A

    RTX or Titan V for 3D Animation

    at the moment I just whant to stick with a one card solution to make it easier for installation purposes and I want to make sure that the vram won't be maxed out by high resolution textures
  7. so ive been saving up to get a titan V for a while now for a blender workstation but just recently I heard about this new ray tracing cards and how they can accomplish that in real time it may be to early to call anything and I don't know maybe it's a whole current ray tracing idea altogether it just seems kinda hanky to me to just come out of the blue yea they have been talking about for years now with small hints but they never released any prototype data so what I'm asking should I keep saving up for the v or just change plans for the RTX cards or is it to new to know anything yet
  8. latest render of character robcharacter_rob_p2_by_emmett_animation-dc5

  9. So I've been thinking about making a pc from scratch but I need it to do 3d animation, using blender, and my budget works around 1,000. what would you guys suggest I should put in it?
  10. Acouple of new works 

    logo 3.jpg