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    Xeon X5680
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    Asus P6T
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    Corsair Dominator 1600
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    EVGA GTX980Ti FE
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    Thermaltake F31 TG
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    Thermaltake 850W
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    Custom EKWB
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. If anybody was wandering why do I need 2x32gb of ram here it is it is a server for accounting software built in an ancient thermaltake shark case with some overkill desktop hardware, no gpu
  2. While waiting for radiator and few fittings i had some hardware to play with 2 sticks of 32gb of samsung ram so it is not the “wrong” cpu on incompatible mobo, but also unsupported by QVL ram (Overclocked) as well I’m still using wrong os as a daily driver. all 64 gb were detected
  3. X5670 and above are good for prebuilt x58 platforms (they are not really full fat x58, but server chipsets) such as dell or hp server/workstation (you can find them really cheap) but they do not allow to overclock in most of the times and due to higher base clock they are better option. However if it is a overclocking board (asus/gigabyte/msi/evga) it does not really make a lot of difference cause most of x56xx chips can do 4+ghz.
  4. any capable card will work, however if you are looking for high fps you might suffer a light penalty from pci-e 2.0
  5. What is the case, if you place a 480rad with a limited airflow it will not do any good
  6. Turn the pump speed up and down, try to run the pumps at the maximum speed for a while, usually it is enough to bleed the loop.
  7. It is a soft tube build, to see the best temp possible - remove the rad outside the case so it has no restrictions and run the same stress test, it is highly possible that your case is just too old and it is the bottleneck
  8. Looks like UK is not the best place for a pc enthusiast) used to live in Oxford (studied there) for 4 years, it was not that bad at that time (around 15 years ago)
  9. If you are using your x58 board as you daily driver and it is the only pc you have do not try to push it to 4,5-4,7 ghz with 1.5 volts, even if the cpu is an easy replacement the good motherboard is not. If it burns just let it go. The modern cpu’s are more powerfull and much more power efficient. At the time of high ddr4 prices x58 with ddr3 was a good alternative, but nowdays ddr4 is not that expensive And if you are not trying to break memory overclocking records it is not that expensive to get a 3000+ mhz kit. Ryzen5 or coffeelake i5 cost just over $150 with a motherboard for around $60-100 it is not that expensive. And it delivers more or less same multithread performance as 6-core x58 and a greater single core performance. And if you now what to do you can run coffeelake on 100 series motherboard (and they are dirt cheap)
  10. I use 3 360 rads in o11dynamic, the bottom one is intake and top and side are exhaust. I run 8700k (4.9ghz 1,3 volts) and 1080ti, my gpu runs at around 55c and cpu around 65c coolant stabilizes at around 38-39c (it is the hottest room in my flat) however the fans run at 1100rpm max and d5 is around 2000-2500rpm (the link to my build is in the signature) your temps look good to me except the coolant my advise is to remove all the dust filters they are really restrictive in o11dynamic
  11. I used to run my p6t with 48 gb (6x8) of corsair vengeance 2400mhz at 2000 mhz the mobo just would not start with anything above 2000mhz
  12. Da monoblock issue is fixed! I went to hydraulics shop, and they had 2mm thick rubber, a drop of superglue and it is done almost as good as original EK one. used some stainless hex headed bolts and a special sticky tape to get it in place screw it all together, filled it up with water, tightened the bolts up and 1 hour later it had no leaks Problem solved!!! cost me a 100 rubles (1,50 usd) I'm going to change bolts to the same as original but stainless, it matches better with nickel fittings) UPDATE Got the correct stainless bolts, the leak test of the monoblock is passed. just in case someone wants to see how incompatible waterblock fits on z170i pg
  13. Leak test miserably failed! the second hand radiator leaked at the fittings, it is not a problem, I knew that 25mm thick rad will not do, so I ordered a monster 60mm rad from barrow (aliexpress) about 10 days ago and it is in the process of leaving China, it is the only one with a port on the other side. the other problem is the waterblock, it leaked at the O-ring, on top of that M4 bolts were really stuck and I ended up drilling out 4 of them!!! I hope I can find a matching size O-ring in the hydraulics shop. Watercooling on the cheap is not easy))) By the way after the flood the rig is up and running on air
  14. A little update All runs are made, all components are installed and connected the rad has 6-32 thread and 30mm stand offs are m3 so I had to improvise. all is left is a leakyest and cable managment
  15. All of the parts for stage 1 watercooling have arrived, so I started to drill the “case” Passthrough fittings are installed After that I assemble the gpu, bykski waterblock does not want too cool the chokes on vega’s vrm, I tried 0.5 mm thermal pads, but it was a bit too thick so I applied some thermal paste on them. the next challenge was to install the waterblock on the motherboard. It is for z270/370i board, but if where is a will there is a way) the bolts were a bit stuck so I ended up drilling one of them out And here is a “final“ assembly of the in the case, Poweradjust is installed as well. All is left to do is to install the pump, radiator and the tubes. And hope it is still working and does not leak. P.s. I’ve got som 0.2mm thermalpads so I might try to install them