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Everything posted by glenalz81

  1. Stretch just a tiny bit and get a used GTX 1070.
  2. This is almost an exact copy of the Phanteks P350X, which also is a pretty awesome case.
  3. Have you tried with XMP at default and just setting the memory to 3200MHz?
  4. Have you checked the motherboard's (ram compatibility list) to see if your memory is on it? and if it is, is rated for 3200MHz?
  5. Are your front fans between the front of the case and the glass? If so move them to the inside to create a larger pocket of air between the glass and the fans. Don't forget that 95c is the max operating temp so you're still in the safe zone but these chips will sustain higher boost clocks the colder they are.
  6. Ok, room is pretty warm. What case and fans do you have?
  7. Move your AIO to front intake, and the single fan to the top as exhaust.
  8. Could be the cable. Seen this issue before.
  9. You're bottlnecked by the CPU, seems that maybe the extra vram usage is dealing with the CPU shortfall.
  10. Fortnite is buggy AF atm. I get anywhere between a 1-10 sec lag spike at the start of almost every game. I have also noticed end game frametime issues, not every game but often enough to notice.
  11. @BarisERY Finally managed to get it updated, so at 1440p high settings i'm using around 7gb VRAM max. I have attached my GPU-Z sensor log for you to have a look at along with a pic of my Radeon Settings for CoD WZ. GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
  12. Still not updating. I'll post back when they've sorted it out. Sorry i cant help atm.
  13. Yeah i found that when i launched today the update server was down..lol I'll try again now
  14. Something must be off, i average 85-95fps at 1440p high with a Vega 56. I'll have a run now and check the VRAM usage.
  15. Totally depends what you play or do with your PC.