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  1. glenalz81

    Looking for a gaming monitor under £350

  2. glenalz81

    Random unexplainable shutdowns on new PC

    Another PSU to try, sounds like the power supply is failing. EDIT Also try the PC outside the case, eliminate any shorts to the case.
  3. glenalz81

    Is Aria.co.uk a reliable site?

    And Aria, and various other places for that matter.
  4. glenalz81

    Is Aria.co.uk a reliable site?

    Yep, all good. They usually throw in Haribos with orders too.
  5. Cablemod list Modmesh Pro cables for your PSU so i'd say you're good.
  6. So with my CPU and RAM frequency basically maxed, CPU 4.1GHz and Ram 3333MHz my CB score was 1373, after fiddling with timings it increased to 1399. My experience. I have since reduced RAM speed to 3200 with stock timings due to certain application instability, so was only really Cinebench stable.
  7. Cinebench likes better RAM timings more than frequency.
  8. glenalz81

    Best GPU Manufacture's Brand's

    Rarely, case by case basis.
  9. glenalz81

    New PC - Somewhat of a Predicament!

    2700x is only £275 at Aria PC atm. Save money on the CPU , psu is overkill, some £100 units are equally as good and you could probably save around £50 on the RAM also. Then swap the 2070 for a 2080.
  10. glenalz81

    cheap/low budget gaming on xeon

    P55 will generally have more features and OC potential over the H55 but also usually a little more expensive. Best P55 board i've used yet is the Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6, a crazy overkill board.
  11. glenalz81

    RX 570 8GB vs RX 580 4GB

    For better gaming performance you'll need the 580.
  12. glenalz81

    cheap/low budget gaming on xeon

    Look for decent P55 or H55 motherboard, pick up a Xeon X3440 or 3450 and whack in an rx 570 or 580. Fine tune the system with some overclocks and expect around 11k on firestrike and 600+ pts on cinebench r15. I've built multiple systems with these specs and they work great.
  13. glenalz81

    Wait for navi or get RTX 2060?

    That card is only £339 from eBuyer btw.
  14. glenalz81

    Which Case should i buy??

    These cases usually come with the fans mounted between the case and front panel. When airflow is a thought these fans can almost always be mounted inside the case leaving a nice gap to the front panel to allow better airflow. Case #2 for sure.
  15. Larger heatsink = better cooling = better boost = higher sustained clockspeed.