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  1. I wasn't suggesting the OP should buy a Vega i was merely calling out your ignorant statement, which going buy your rig specs is understandable.
  2. At launch yeah maybe but from a price/performance standpoint currently not much can touch it. Avoid blower models like the plague.
  3. Not pirated then OK, then i'd suggest running DDU and having a fresh install of the GPU drivers. Latest recommended driver is 20.2.2 Also this. Did you manually install the drivers or let windows do it?
  4. I wouldn't expect a 5700XT to work properly unless the OS was up to date and a fresh install of the latest GPU driver was done. My advice would be a fresh LEGIT install of Windows which you can get for FREE from Microsoft using the Media Creation Tool which is available here, https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 Then the latest GPU drivers from AMD.
  5. Buy 2 8's so you have dual channel and 3600MHz would suit better for your CPU.
  6. Pictures of the fan and cooler would help.
  7. Need your system specs, inc the case.
  8. Does your PC sit on the floor by any chance?
  9. 600w PSU is recommended for the 5700XT, possibly ocp kicking in.
  10. Should be looking at a case with better airflow first.
  11. Cooler Master Q300L Furnace edition won't be helping temps.
  12. Yeah should be fine. Another team mate runs a CV1 Rift with an i5 3570k and an RX 580 and he manages fine so happy days!