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  1. So, I have 75mbps internet, and my cable is CAT5e. Yet, when I try to download games (While doing almost nothing else), download speed is at around 5mbps! What's going on?
  2. I was recently given an Matrox MX02 Mini, and I was wondering what to do with it. I have a vague understanding of what it does but if anyone could suggest something, and what I could do with it. Please enlighten me.
  3. So, any help interpreting its purpose?
  4. I was recently given the graphics card from an early 2009 iMac pro (photos attached). I can’t figure out what GPU it is, AND I don’t know if it will work in my PC. I already have a graphics card (RX 560) but I just want to play with it. Side note, I also received a Matrox MX02 Mini and I really have no idea what it does. Help?
  5. I mean that the USB port or the cable might not be delivering sufficient power.
  6. It's probably a power issue. It may not be able to power up b/c of the power of the port. If not, maybe check the drive.
  7. My monitor has audio in only. Should I install new drivers? Also, what is a Y-Cable?
  8. I have a Deepcool Tesseract SW Red and a Z270 Gaming Plus. I have been using a normal pair of headphones (Jabra Vega) and a ViewSonic monitor (got it for free and it has speakers). My problem is when I unplug audio from the front panel 3.5mm jack. It's fine if I unplug from my headphones into the monitor, but if the computer's jack gets unplugged, I have to reload the program or tab to hear audio. Help! Did I do something wrong?
  9. Yep, virtually NO Linux knowledge whatsoever. Why would you say Lubuntu and Xubuntu vs other light Linuxes? I'd love to learn.
  10. Personally, I'd change one or two things. First, up the PSU. It'll run quieter and leaves somewhat of an upgrade path. Second, if you want a budget build, keep the monitor, but maybe downgrade the other peripherals. You can add those in later.
  11. If I were you, I'd just go through my mobo manual and unplug and replug all of the front panel connectors. Don't worry about the button on the motherboard.
  12. So, I recently built an awesome desktop PC, and my old laptop (which is pretty crappy) has been sitting around. It's this one, an HP 15-G 15.6 Laptop (https://www.amazon.com/HP-15-G-15-6-Laptop-A8/dp/B00LJXXLDK), except it only has a 500GB hdd. I want to put a lightweight version of Linux on it, and was considering Puppy, but don't know which pup to put on it. I was also recommended the beta of Pixel Linux (Made by Raspberry Pi). What lightweight OS should I put. Also, when I'm done with it, could I reinstall windows (I saved the product key) and sell it?
  13. I recently purchased a Samsung 850 EVO series ssd, which is supposed to have sequential read/write speeds in the hundreds of Mb/s and 4K speeds in the mid tens of Mb/s. Yet, downloading a game (which is sequential, right?) is operating at ~7-8 Mb/s. Is something wrong with this drive? I'm not doing anything else except browsing the web. Thanks in advance for the help. Edit: Duh, sorry, forgot abt internet.