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  1. Because people told me + i get ALOT of errors even when freshly wiped clean installed windows like this 1: The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Launch permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {7022A3B3-D004-4F52-AF11-E9E987FEE25F} and APPID {ADA41B3C-C6FD-4A08-8CC1-D6EFDE67BE7D} to the user DESKTOP-U8SCRSU\Ruben SID (S-1-5-21-2733907951-2523269098-3180939546-1001) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool. Before this error occurs it says: Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.
  2. i am trying to format the whole drive and reinstall windows cuz i got windows enterprises and enterprises is shit for gaming
  3. I am trying to clean my whole drive with windows 10 on it so i tried to go to troubleshoot and launch my usb with a software to clean it with.. when i restart my pc and i hold shift i only get this option to restart my pc, i don't get the usual advanced settings or wipe pc. if anyone has got any clue how to fix than lemme know
  4. my goal actually was to get rid of that upgrade watermark and some other shit i don't remember but ty
  5. So i have had this error since i got the game and i have tried loads of things like: driver updates downclocking overclocking reïnstalling but still no fix.. i even came to the point where i completely wiped my pc and started all over and i still get this crash when i am ingame or menu. you can say that the game is still in beta or something like that but i see streamers playing this game without even crashing once in 4 hours of straight gaming and some of my friends never crash.. if anyone has got experience with this pubg crash lemme know. Specs of my NEW pc: Ryzen 5 1600 msi rx radeon 580 asus prime b350m-a cx650 Watts if you have a solution to this problem than lemme know
  6. So i had this post where i asked you guys: Why do i keep getting black screens and this error message: Application has been blocked for acessing graphics hardware. Now some guy said it has got something to do with "Device Guard" what that does is basically block programs it does not trust or something like that what it is doing to my pc rn is blocking google, discord and even games like pubg and garry's mod.. What happens is i get a black screen, my game crashes and then i get that error message https://gyazo.com/3b796528c176d158a9b5840fe2bdc14f?token=f18be01bf12853278aa84f463469dd50 if anyone has any idea how to turn of that device guard shit or any idea pls lemme know
  7. i removed everything with DDU the driver delete software than i reinstalled it and updated it
  8. okay i suggest u open ur fucking eyes cuz ima bout to tell you Specs: ryzen 5 1600 msi rx radeon 580 8gb asus prime b350m-a cx650watts 2x 4gb ram lpx vengeance driver version: 22.19.677.257 No overclock even underclock windows 10 enterprice (cracked) I get the error with rust,pubg,google chrome, microsoft edge, garry's mod
  9. the 480 is like 2million years old and can't run any decent game except for minecraft
  10. i also get this message from event viewer at the exact same time https://gyazo.com/f3a3cd31420092b8c815233b10e1e109
  11. My games keep crashing cause of it, even my google crashes cause of it.. it causes freeze than blackscreen than crash than error message.. reinstalling driver doesn't work underclocking doesn't work rolling back to prev driver version doesn't work those shitty commands in cmd don't work with that /sfc scannow bullshit if you have any USEFULL solutions then tell me
  12. yes i did like 3 times no virus or harming thingie detected