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  • CPU
    Intel core i5 3350p @ 3.7ghz
  • Motherboard
    asrock z77 extreme 6
  • RAM
    8gb corsair xms3 ddr3 1600
  • GPU
    msi gtx 780ti gaming
  • Case
    corsair air 540
  • Storage
    120gb samsung 840 evo, 1tb toshiba 2.5
  • PSU
    corsair cx600m
  • Display(s)
    qnix 2560*1440 27"
  • Cooling
    corsair h100i
  1. thanks for the comments guys when i get the psu painted and everything put together fully ill take some good pics with my dslr for y'all
  2. yea linus did a video where he used plastidip to paint some components a few months back
  3. no it works fine plastidip is non conductive alot of people use it to paint pcbs
  4. no back plate i painted it with white plastidip it was a god aweful teal green color lol
  5. also it has a phenom ii x6 1100t cpu, asrock 990fx fatality killer motherboard, 8 gigs ram, a 120gb ssd for bootup and basic programs and a 2tb mechanical drive for media and games it has 2 white silverstone led strips and white led intake fans on the front.
  6. ok so i've built alot of computers ranging from gaming rigs to just plain ol' media rigs for myself and other people over the years but i've never tried painting any of the components because i've always been too scared id goof up and it'd look just horrible but i've got this friend who messed his shoulder up real bad and has been out of work for about 4 months now recovering and he has had to make a lot of sacrifices to pay bills and support his family. He has always been a console gamer and had to sell his xbone and ps4 because he was broke and the only thing he has for a pc is a crappy ol' laptop thats about 7 years old that has to stay plugged into the wall because the battery is bad and the fan runs at abour 80% the whole time its on and won't hardly even stream movies from netflix and stuff which is a problem because he doesnt have satellite or cable tv he just uses the laptop for media. So anyway since ive done so many builds ive accumulated alot of spare parts and decided to build him a pc for media consumption and gaming to replace that laptop and the gaming consoles. So i havent told him i'm building it for him im just gonna surprise him with it when im done. We were talking about him building one when he gets the money just so i could feel him out and see just what he'd want in a pc and the main thing he talks about every time i bring it up is wanting a white case with white components and i didnt have a white case or any white components so i decided since im giving it to him for free to help him out i'd experiment with painting some stuff. The case was a black corsair 230t and i painted the top and sides a beautiful pearl while, which you cant see the pearl in the pics, leaving the front and back black to break up the white. the cpu heatsink is a 212 evo that i painted the front white and put a very light white coat on the fins so theyre not silver anymore. The gpu is a saphire r9-270x which i painted the pcb with white plastidip and the shroud with white paint for plastic. I'm also painting the 500w evga psu white as well. anyway i just felt like sharing this since its my first time feel free to leave some comments. some of the pics are horrible because it was in a low light setting and my iphone doesnt do well in low light sorry. btw the paint is all even and beautiful its my phone that makes it look all splotchy
  7. There was those two people and me taking the photo lol yea once we separated all the parts out we git it put on in almost no time
  8. Lol my cousin built his dual 980 6700k build drunk and it worked then he went to plug in a USB header sober and shorted UT out and burned his mobo up
  9. Omg the biggest headache ever. Especially when drunk
  10. Lol my power button is the only button with something behind it
  11. From power button press to home screen? That's a fast ssd. Makes me feel stupid to spend $500 on an nvme drive. My old 840 would take around 18
  12. With fast boot enabled my pc boots off my nvme drive sub 10 seconds lol