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  1. urworstnit3m3r

    Internet Drops

    Before we start: I worked for a cable provider as a troubleshooter in the field for just under 3 years. First, all of the wireless modems suck, I absolutely refused to install them because I would always end up having a team member have to go back on my jobs that i used them on. So take that as it is. Now on to troubleshooting. When you lose connection what do the lights on the modem look like are the up(Tx) and down(Rx) lights blinking/off? If you can provide a picture of the front of the wireless modem when you lose service. Depending on the above answer will depend on how we move forward.
  2. Okay, a few points I would like to make. (I worked for a cable company doing this stuff for 3 years this is my source) One, you can move the modem to any port provided it is still active and that it has proper signal levels. ie downstream or rx should be -12 to+12. upstream or Tx should be 35 to 50. Two. the all in one units are shit. if you can stop paying for their wifi and just get a modem. and buy a separate wifi router. If you can not do that then you can easily drill down into the basement depending on a few things. the room with the wireless modem is only one floor up. You know how to use a drill and aren't scared to. There are several ways to do this, the easiest and the way I used to do it is gett a long wood/steel drill bit (not the spade type) I think the one i used was a good 24". Take that and drill a hole at outlet height into the wall, simply use the drill bit put it on the floor vertical and use it to measure to the center of the other outlets then move over to where you want to dill down.( make sure you check what you will be drilling down into first!!) using the drill bit in the hole slowly under drill power lift up towards the ceiling like you were trying to go down into the basement this will make a angled whole which a wall plate will cover the goal here is to get it as straight as possible and drill down into the basement thew the wall. Now with the hole drilled and the bit sticking out in the basement attach the ethernet cable to the drill and go back and pull the dril bit out of the wall bringing the ethernet line with it. finish it with a wall plate, and other cleanup stuff. If you have more questions just ask.
  3. urworstnit3m3r

    Install or not to install Windows 10 ?

    I am going to put my vote in for. NO. Do not upgrade....Yet. Also roommate, our friend and I all did inplace upgrades. My roommate, our friend and I have issues with windows 10 where it will just decide it no longer wants to switch audio outputs. (needs to be restarted to fix) I have had it blue screen.(never blue screened on 7) My roommate and me have had it just stop opening applications, or just wont acknowledge that you clicked something. It runs out of memory just sitting there overnight.(only happened once but still) But yea other then this it has been fine. I think. I only use it to game otherwise i'm on linux. I switch audio outputs too much to deal with it every day.
  4. urworstnit3m3r

    how many ziftr coins have you got?

    Currently at 50 coins been mining for 5 days. Main miner is my main pc while sleeping or at work avg. 3.8MH/s i7 4790k@4.4GHz and a 980@ 1347MHz miner set to 80% on cpu due to heat at these settings its hovering at 70C. alt miner work pc core2 quad 2.3Ghz running at 50% avg 119-220KH/s alt alt miner Ubuntu server VM running on proxmox set to 4 cores of an 870 i7 stock speeds not using gpu. avg 220-310KH/s this weekend I'm probably going to pull out my other server 2x dual core xeon or some thing in that idr.
  5. urworstnit3m3r

    Bad Networking Speeds?

    Wow fiber and you only get 2mb for upload that sucks
  6. urworstnit3m3r

    Can't do other things while downloading. Need help!

    @Battleship Yellow If you read the post it says what router he is using. it sounds like the download is taking all the bandwidth and not allowing it to allocate some to other web activities. check if the router has any firmware updates.
  7. urworstnit3m3r

    Confused on some networking/coax issues

    @Spev Cable internet works like this.. Coax comes to the house, and into a box outside(demark location) and is generally just a spot to ground the cable to there is no modem outside the house. after that it goes inside usually the basement or attic, then splits out to the rooms for outlets, these outlets then have a jumper(short piece of coax) that go from the outlet to the piece of equipment, IE the modem. the modem they had was most likely a wireless modem. which is why it had coax on it. you can technically use another modem but it will not work unless the provider activates it on their network and you will have to pay for an extra internet package. you cant just plug up two modems and get two internet lines so if you have say 70$ internet package you get one modem.... if you want to activate another modem that's another 70$ a month. and generally they wont even do it. You can move the modem to another coax location in the home. but it might not have the right power of signal and may degrade your service. you can not just go to Walmart buy another modem and presto get another Internets all bandwidth is on one coax cable that leaves the home, tv.voip, internet all travel on this one wire. and the cable has nothing to do with the speed, its the DOCSIS technology that controls that, IE the protocol the provider uses. @KTFO|SGTmoody DOCSIS is not a grade method it is just a technology such as IPv4 IPv6 or HTTP. it is how the data is transmitted over the cable..IE DOCSIS( Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification.) The cable is just there so that the radio frequencies have something to travel on.
  8. urworstnit3m3r

    Phone jack to Coaxial Cable? Possible or not?

    The cable company i worked for would install the cable in the room where you want the modem... as long as you don't mind it running along the siding. or a small hole in the floor. sometimes they will do a outlet into the wall and down into basement if they can. perhaps your provider will do the same? generally the wont go through the walls.
  9. urworstnit3m3r

    Unidentified Network

    Did you check the cable plugged into the computer? Have you reset all the devices? IE unplugged and re-plugged power on modem. router? anyone else having network issues at the home? I see you have WIFI adapters do they give you internet?
  10. urworstnit3m3r

    How many of you guys have servers and what is their use?

    I don't have an official server but just an old pc turned into a server that i only use for teamspeak and a minecraft server. I have a prebuild nas but i think i would have preferred to have a better server and have that do what i need since the nas i have is a bit weak on power and was pretty pricey.
  11. urworstnit3m3r

    What do the boxes on the side of the street have inside?

    Most likely the boxes contain the Connecting points of the houses on that segment of the street and the larger one probably is the main connector to the fiber for the neighborhood. so you would have phone wire to house to the small boxes then to the large box into fiber to their hub. This is just a guess. but i used to work for a cable provider which used a HFC network where you would have coax to the house from a large coax main line which fed back to the node(fiber box) so it could be something similar. Or it could be the box for the tv service those boxes here(usa) are much larger if they have the service for tv and not just phone and internet.
  12. urworstnit3m3r

    Separating LAN devices from WLAN devices

    set up a separate network such as vitalius had said or using vlans both require new(different) hardware. some sort of firewall between the wireless router and the wired connections.
  13. urworstnit3m3r

    Separating LAN devices from WLAN devices

    mine says "Enable Wireless Isolation" it has one for the 2.4Ghz and one for the 5Ghz wireless networks.
  14. urworstnit3m3r

    Separating LAN devices from WLAN devices

    I do not know about your router or how secure this is but on mine i have the option to isolate wifi users from lan with just a check box within the wireless tab.
  15. @Meawa What kind of minecraft server are you running? What mods/plugins if any do you have installed? What are your launch parameters? How many people are on it before it starts to "lag"? What version of java do you have installed? We need to know this information before we can truly help.