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  1. no boot screen, first pc build

  2. no boot screen, first pc build

    okay so have installed the gtx 1080ti from evga. i tried booting via dp from the card into my asus pg279q monitor but, no show. so i swithced to an hdmi port on the mobo because i figured gpu drivers not installed yet but still no sign of the boot screen do help
  3. no boot screen, first pc build

    in the middle of crafting a custom case, its 70% done so this will do for now
  4. no boot screen, first pc build

    lol it was supposed to start as a media server and then for gaming but looks like without a display, i might as well go all out now.
  5. no boot screen, first pc build

    do you think the asus strix 1080 ti will fit in the bitfenix comrade?
  6. no boot screen, first pc build

    nope, the plan was to get a 1080ti, so thats where im going now
  7. no boot screen, first pc build

    time to buy a gpu i guess. thanks guys
  8. no boot screen, first pc build

    well it is a media server for now, eventually i want to game, but i still need a display so i can install windows, and some programs
  9. no boot screen, first pc build

    really? so i Have to buy a gpu?
  10. no boot screen, first pc build

    no gpu yet, that will come later.
  11. no boot screen, first pc build

    mobo; asus rog strix b350 f ryzen 7 2700 with cooler adata xpg 3000mah 2*8 gb ddr4 ram 1 samsung 850 evo 250 gb ssd 1 850 pro 256 gb ssd 1 seagate barracude 4tb hdd 1 asus pce ac68 network adapter card. and and evga 750 w g1 mounted ina bit fenix comrade (no separate standoffs required from my understanding
  12. hi guys, i just installed my first pc ever, it is turning on but im not getting a visual to the monitor. i have no idea what to do. please help
  13. Custom PC Power button / switch

    that is super helpful guys, thank you all, just one more question, does the swtich need to have any particular kind of rating or voltage req?
  14. Hello all, So I'm building a custom desk pc. I plan on using the following power switch to power the pc. Just need advice on whether it will work properly. Unlike pc power switches, this one has a latching mechanism. I haven't done this before so I don't know whether this would make a difference or not. Yosoo16mm 12V LED Latching ON/OFF Power Push Button Switch,Power Symbol+Ring LED Stainless Steel Waterproof (Blue) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01EL9TKGA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_NRurBbK3R6V8Y Any tips and advice are welcome. It's a first time diy project for me, I could really use the help. Thanks in advance
  15. Anyone else want to weigh in? Really could do withontior advise as I've never really given it too much thought before this.