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  1. Nintendo is only meant for those who follow Nintendo game series. Like Zelda and Mario and Pokemon. Or else, don't waste money.
  2. I u r making a very high end system, then u need extra cooling. However, even an H100i V2 suffices for an OCed i7-8700K. As for water cooling your graphics card, u should really use a triple fan one, or get the NZXT Kraken G12 bracket. Use a 140mm AiO in that.
  3. Mayhems Blitz is a high end cleaning option. When i make my custom loop, i plan on using distilled water two times to clean it, then add my fluid.
  4. As of now, it is 7894 USD. But initially it was 4736.40 USD. Converted from INR. I'd rather not delid my CPU. Sorry. And i will use the money left in the budget for quality audio gear. I have that settled out.
  5. So ok, ill rather just buy an air cooled i7-8700K with Dark Rock Pro 4. And two triple fan GTX 1080 Ti. Is it ok?
  6. Beginner 3D rendering, (soon) minor game development, gaming on an ultra wide monitor.
  7. I see. I guess the Threadripper will be more upgrade friendly and more RAID options is good for me as I want to RAID some hard drives.
  8. The Vega Frontier Edition is nice. But it only battles with the GTX 1080 in games.
  9. I know, jI know. I'll still take the risk. Don't worry. The G12 looks ugly.
  10. My budget was finally increased by my father, so now I have enough to buy a 1K CPU. Now my question is- which of these to buy? And the top end ASUS motherboard of which chipset will be cheaper? And what abt other features?
  11. That's cool. I'd rather stick to my chosen cases and cooling options still. I'll go for CL14 3200MHz G.Skill TridentZ RGB memory instead and a 960 Pro 512 GB. I'll go for 4 2TB HDD in RAID 10. Thanks.