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  1. Gotcha, yeah this weekend I was planning on going to some tech stores and try some of the cameras that they have to get a feel for them
  2. Tbh I don't think I care too much about size, I wouldn't mind something the size of a 250D, I actually kinda dig the bulkier models, which mirror less would you suggest?
  3. Hi everyone, I've been looking to get an entry level camera for when I travel for quite some time now and I'm just extremely confused by all of the options, my two choices came down to an Olympus mark IIIs or a Canon 250D with ef-s 18-55mm is stm kit (although from what I could understand it's basically the same camera as the 2000d but without stuff like touchscreen) There's so many other options to choose from and km really lost, ideally I'd like to stay in the 600/700 euros price range. I'd use this camera mainly for traveling but I don't really mind a bulky body (I actually kind
  4. Sadly no, sold my old pc that i was keeping as a backup 3 months ago
  5. doesn't seem like it, the last 3 times it only did it while i was playing, yesterday it was doing it even when idle
  6. i7 8700K not ocd GTX1080 MB: ROG STRIX Z370-F 16GB DDR4 ram g.skill be quiet psu 800w
  7. Bit of a weird issue, yesterday morning i couldn't turn on my pc, after trying a bunch of times i cut off power and turned it back on and the pc finally turned on, but mid-POST it started turning off and then on again spontaneously and at one point even did so in quick succession so i killed the power once again. I tried again after work and the pc finally turned out and all seemed fine, but after a while (even when idle) it suddenly turns off and reboots itself, im not really sure what to make of this, now it only seems to do it when i play games, or at least the last 3 times it happene
  8. Yeah, isp technicians pretty much all told me that i could activate the FTTC package but i'd get pretty much the same speeds i get now, maybe 1/2mbps more if i'm lucky
  9. The problem i have with my ISP is that my internet line is hard wired directly to the hub which is 2km away instead of the cabinet which is placed at 200m from here, it's an old practice of ISPs and it can't be fixed without expensive road excavations to physically lay down new wires, my whole neighborhood has this problem, houses on the other side of the road all have FTTE 150mbps but we're just cursed and the only solution is to move somewhere else pretty much
  10. I thought about it, but they don't cover my area yet and i need a solution in the immediate future
  11. Hi everyone, because of some ISP fuckery i have a very horrendous internet line (7 down 0.4 up) and no way to actually get anything better, now for my new job i find myself having to upload files on server quite often and with my upload speed even 15MB file can take a long time so i need a solution. My current setup is the standard ISP modem downstairs in my office that connects to the phone line, my PC is directly connected here and then i use a weighted switch to split the bandwidth and send it upstairs thru the electric line where i have another modem that i use as wireless AP for my fami
  12. No those work fine, i tried the headphones with another phone and they work just fine
  13. Hi, i recently started using my Galaxy S8 to listen to some music/podcasts and i noticed that the headphones output level is very low, even on the highest maximum volume it's still at a level that i wouldn't even consider near high, apperently it's an issue with Exynos models and the phone somehow limits pretty heavily the output volumes, i looked for a fix but to no veil, i dont know if root might be a solution
  14. So this is a very weird problem i've been getting for like 2 weeks now, everytime i play a game i need to close firefox on my second monitor because it causes my fps to drop periodically, let's say im playing League, i have 230+ fps but with firefox open it goes from 230 to 20 for half a second every 4/5 seconds and it's basically unplayable, i already tried to reinstall firefox, nothing changed, i thought that having my second monitor on the integrated gpu was causing the problem, but nothing changed when i moved it back to the GPU, temperatures are fine, now the weird thing is that i've trie
  15. Erundil

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    Thanks for the replies, they also look pretty good, are the LEDs bright?