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  1. Hey guys, ive run out of y splitter cables and since we are in quarantine, i cant get to buy one. For the mean time is this okay to do with my fans? I plugged a fan to the molex then hook up another fan to the first fan's back molex pin. Thanks for the people that will help me
  2. So ive bought this xeon e3 1270 from china and it is working fine. Ive stressed test and game on it for a day no problems so far. My concern here is something is missing. Can someone tell me is this a capacitor? Please do explain
  3. Its a samsung b75 mobo i got from a surplus. Been searching all over the web for manuals and guides about this mobo.. but no luck finding one yet
  4. Heyvguys can i plug a front panel usb plug here? It saysempry card reader and it is the same as usb header right next to it
  5. hey guys ive recently bought a samsung b75 mobo, how can I update the bios?
  6. Hey guys I need help. I bought a samsung b75s1 mobo LGA 1155. the hsf mounts use screw type of thing. my deepcool ice edge mini wont fit cuz it uses push pins. Now, are all screw type mounts use the same size? will this cooler fit my system since it uses spring loaded screws? https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/deepcool-ck-11508-intel-socket-65w-cpu-cooler-fan-i71586-s93796.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.23.871e7a70DtVtIf&search=1 need help ASAP
  7. i put it on again just now.. what a miracle it worked. mhmmm wondering what caused this
  8. man.. thats a bummer. my gpu is just 1 yr old and it quickly died? i aint even a hardcore gamer
  9. My specs: i5 2400 ecs H61 gigabyte gtx 1050 windforce 600 watts PSU Okay guys, I was playing my usual game when this happened. (my game is not hungry on graphics as it is a 10 yr old game) then suddenly, my game crashed then my screen displayed garbaged. like total green garbage screen then it froze. What I did was restart it but it wont boot to windows it keeps restarting. Next thing I did was remove the gpu and use the integrated graphics then my pc boot fine, then I thought it was a driver issue what I did is remove the old driver and as I inserted the GPU again to install the new driver, my pc wont boot to windows. It starts up but when it comes to booting to windows it restarts then displays nothing while all fans are spinning. need serious help pls can it be my; gpu psu mobo what do you guys think is faulty?
  10. I bought a gtx 760 used. so after that i quickly cleaned the card and put new thermal paste on it. works fine but it always run on 3840 rpm even if i set to low rpm setting and putting the rpm on automatic. only thing that will make it work that will lower the rpm is going through the bios everytime im opening the pc. anyone know a solution for this?
  11. hey guys I need advice on cleaning my gpu. bought it for 60$ (gtx 760) was dusty. what materials do I need? and is it safe to use 70% ethyl alcohol?
  12. haha lets say my budget is 100$ and an ssd would be too costly. as I need lots of space for games. and here in my country there are 100$ used 1050tis and about 70$ used rx 460 ram go for abt 15$
  13. im sorry for the short details here are my specs i5 2400 200gb hdd 4gb ram i do play games most of the time. and im planning to play triple A games