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  1. planning to upgrade to a 3060ti next month (if i could find one at msrp) and to add another 16gb of memory, do you think it could go 4k at 100fps in most games? 60 fps is not my sweet spot tbh, i always factor in world changes like how many npcs are on screen and how fast it changes in an open world game. i can hit cyberpunk at 35-70 fps at the ultimate lowest setting (still at 1080p) and yes it runs great in a few games that i actually play, but im not comfortable for the future, in most modern AAA games, its uhh debatable
  2. any tips on how to boost it to a stable 5ghz without delid?, water cooling for example?
  3. is it true that cpu bottlenecking is non existent with higher resolution monitors? if so, whats the working principle behind this?
  4. pretty good advice, I am thinking about getting a 1440p monitor a few days back, but i dont think it necessary YET.
  5. i've had the 7700k for 4 years now, and yes, i am going to push it further with a new cooler
  6. what i meant by investment is "am i going to enjoy it and use it for a long time without needing to upgrade for the next couple of years" sorry for the confusion
  7. I do think that the 3060ti is a great investment but i am limited by money, i only have 700 dollars and i also have to upgrade the powersupply and cpu cooler and quite possibly the ram. if my current setup isnt cut for the 3060ti, for example, i need a much better powersupply or a better cpu cooler, it might be harder for me to find a 3060ti at a cheap price with a good variant (strix versions is actually always my go to
  8. oh sorry, my question might've been very vague, or I missed something in the post, price-to-performance ratio is actually what i am looking for an investment in short
  9. Im just looking for an upgrade, and the dlss looks good, i was just wondering if yall can help me with a decision between a 2060(any variant is okay) or a 3060ti. my current specs are: I7-7700K at 4.6Ghz asus strix 1060 6GB OC (my card is further tuned with software and can run most game at 60fps but i kinda want more) maximus IX HERO single channel ddr4 16gb corsair vengeance (I am going to buy another stick dont worry) hyper212 evo corsair vs650 1tb hdd 128gb OS ssd if you see any hole or anything that you think needs to be upgraded is
  10. Manila, but there are some certified stores here
  11. 1440p curved, 75hz or maybe better if i could find one (i turn on vsync if i have more than 80fps in game)
  12. after the release of cyberpunk maybe, according to moonzy, which is actually a really great advice, so i could adjust if there anyroom for adjustment, for example, my cpu is is heating up, i could buy a better cooler, and if my 1060 is eating cyberpunk for breakfast, then i think im good
  13. okay okay, uh a 1440p maybe? and maybe even a curved one? , can you recommend one though, under maybe 100-200$
  14. wow thats really good advice, didnt thought of that, thanks a lot!!