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  1. According to the documentation I found if you're using the 2660v2 on the board you need bios version 2.01.0002
  2. oh wait your using the 2660v2 it is compatible with ddr3. What motherboard are you using?
  3. If i'm remembering correctly the 2609 is only compatible with ddr3 memory and the 2660 is only compatible with ddr4. what memory are you using?
  4. If you have a spare power supply I would try replacing it. I think the fact that you say that load seems to make it occur more quickly would lead me to believe that the power supply should be the first then swapped.
  5. I haven't had any issues with mine that is also above my graphics card. As long as you have decent airflow through your case you should be fine. It doesn't seem like Samsung is all that worried about it after all they paste a big sticker right over all the modules on the card so it must not be that big of a deal with heat.
  6. Go to your settings (you can press the windows key and type settings) then select privacy. Next click microphone on the left side of the privacy window and ensure that the microphone is enabled.
  7. If I were you I would go with a 2933 Mhz minimum.
  8. Looks pretty good but make sure you get memory with a high clock speed as that will help you get the most out of a ryzen processor. That processor should pair well with the GPU. You could also go with an x470 as some games get slightly better FPS but I don't see that you will notice much difference between the two. You would be perfectly fine with an x370 if the price is a factor I wouldn't spend a lot more to go with an x470. I hope that somewhat helps. I'm sure some others have some more good input on this.
  9. I bet the new pad will get it back to working. Keep us posted I hope it works for you.
  10. Is the CPU power on the motherboard connected to the power supply.
  11. Yes it is cool! Not a bad deal at all for what you have.
  12. LTT has a cheap mic roundup video that you should probably watch. I don't know if its hit YouTube yet but it is on Floatplane so it shouldn't be long before it hits YouTube.
  13. Yes if that doesn't work then it is very possible that its just a hardware failure. You can find some trackpad parts for dell laptops on ebay. I have found them before and replaced them on laptops before. Sometimes you can buy just top frame that houses the trackpad as one unit on ebay.
  14. Windows 10 installation has support for trackpads. You could load the windows installation onto a Flash drive and boot to it then begin the installation and just see if the trackpad works. You wouldn't have to install windows 10 just start the installation.
  15. I was hoping for something a bit bigger maybe 30" or more.
  16. Noctua has some low profile Cpu coolers. They are way better than stock if you have limited height to work with I would consider looking into them. I linked one below. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Noctua-NH-L9x65-SE-AM4-premium-grade-low-profile/dp/B01N27QWFA/ref=sr_1_18?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1528115794&sr=1-18&keywords=noctua+cpu+cooler
  17. Well you went from a 73w TDP processor to a 95w TDP processor so it sounds like your stock cooler just cant dissipate the heat well enough for that cpu. I think that cpu has a max temp of 100c although staying at that high of a temp can cause a processor to prematurely die. I would suggest getting a better cooler if possible.
  18. So I am needing a new monitor. Currently I am using an old 43" 1080p Tv. This display leaves a lot to be desired. So I need a monitor that costs no more than $600 USD. Not really sure if I want 1080p or 1440p. I was thinking that I would like to go with an ultrawide monitor as I do like to split screen windows from time to time and split screening on a regular tv like I am doing now SUCKS. I was curious if any of you know or have any monitors that fit my price range and could tell me what you think of them. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Far to expensive. I don't see how they would sell a lot of these. Very cool product though. There are way better bang for buck laptops out there.
  20. I agree with dizmo on this. unless your are planning to build within the next month or so there isn't any point because of how technology and prices are. Especially GPU prices.
  21. Are you having issues playing games or does Afterburner just not accurately show Gpu usage? Also are you running an up to date version of windows 10? If so If you have task manager opened on the performance tab while playing a game does it show any Gpu usage when you switch to task manager while in game?
  22. I figured you would be doing that. I hope it the new board works good for you.
  23. Also if you haven't tried using the other RAM Slot I would do that. You could have a bad Slot I have seen them be bad out of the box before.
  24. You could single out if the power supply is making the noise or some issue with the case by separating the two. You could put the power supply on the desk next to the computer then connect it and power the computer on. If the Power Supply is noisy outside the case then it is definitely the power supply.