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  1. Ehhhhhhhhh... America doesn't like communism so much, as you inherently said. Not so much of a possibility, everyone "living like kings". We're all doomed :)))))
  2. How so? It's cheaper, quicker, and totally variable by the click of a button. You could create a house however you want and have it printed out promptly. Additionally, the material composition can be changed to fit the needs of the environment and hosted family.
  3. My horribly inefficient PC already doubles as a space heater.
  4. Wow that's fricken awesome. I can see the future of construction being mainly through the means of 3d printing.
  5. This will be really cool once cameras have a native SD PCIe I/O or on phones if they can implement the tech in microSD.
  6. My iPhone has started having issues recently with connection to the internet. It isn't just one network, it is EVERY network, so I know it is a problem with my phone itself. Additionally, I noticed immediately when I received this phone that I could not turn off the shutter sound when taking pictures at all whatsoever (no not even with the mute switch on the side of the phone, thanks for your input though), so I suspect that it may have been designed for a foreign country, such as Japan where you legally can not turn off the shutter. This may play a part, but I would not know why. To specify, I must be right next to the router to get any connection at all. This only happened recently and it is extremely annoying, so if anyone else is having this issue or knows a software solution, that would be awesome! Model: A1586 OS: IOS 11.2 (Beta 4) FCC ID: BCG-E2816A
  7. Well there is this, Though I don't exactly know how they would get this money to the people affected.
  8. I did a little more research and it looks like there is an option in a Safari update, which is currently in Beta, that "will have a new tool for blocking third-party ad trackers, aggressively identifying and blocking any cookies used to track users across the web." Via The Verge
  9. Primarily from Neowin, more from The Verge: It is no surprise that Google is using collected information from its users for AdSense, but now they are facing a hefty class action lawsuit ------------------------------------------- Here's the gist of it: Originated from the "Google You Owe Us Campaign" (Neowin) How it worked: Essentially, interacting with Google ads in safari allowed otherwise blocked third-party cookies to be installed (Via Neowin) In 2012, Google payed $22.5 million fine for the same safari breach (Verge) ------------------------------------------- A Google spokesperson attested, Frank I don't really mind what Google is doing because it is a "fair" trade for all of their free products, but I can definitely see where these people are coming from. Privacy is a huge must for most people and I hope they get the justice they want. Although, we've seen Google settle for dimes on the dollar before and that could very well happen again; let's see how this one goes.
  10. y'know, the only thing that really holds me back from getting it (other than price, of course), is that I would have to go back to android. I like Android better than ios for certain, but Apple has a grip on me with iMessage. It's a real hindrance trying to communicate with basically anyone I know because of the BS that happens, trying to make group chats.
  11. According to the article, it sounds like the chip makes the HDR+ “5x faster and [use] less than 1/10th the energy” (Savov) as apposed to without. I think it is generally accepted at this point that the Pixel 2's camera capabilities are superior to any other phone on the market, so it must a pretty beneficial as apposed to just the main processor.
  12. Original poster is The Verge: Link Google announced something pretty cool today; there is a special little 8-core processor in the new Pixel 2, called the "Pixel Visual Core" and its purpose is to accelerate the HDR+ functionalities. Image via Google