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  1. Smoofie

    More Intel leaks.. this one is not good though

    I meant the major companies, not the average consumer, sorry I didn't make that more clear. If it can be proven and that's a big if, that Intel knew about this before releasing there latest CPU's, one can argue that they wouldn't have bought the CPU if the performance was lower as it is with the patch. Thus Intel had an unfair advantage. But I am not a lawyer and it's different in Europe as well. They did respond to it, but not about the possible consequences for their business, or did they?
  2. Smoofie

    More Intel leaks.. this one is not good though

    If I summarize it (hopefully) correctly from a dutch post @Tweakers there is: Spectre 1: Bounds check bypass variant. AMD, Intel and ARM are vulnerable, but it isn't very dangerous and it is a hard to use exploit; Spectre 2: Branch target Injection varisnt. Intel and maybe some AMD CPU's, but it seems ZEN is safe; Meltdown: Intel only and the most dangerous and 'easy' to exploit. If Intel knew about this in the summer and still released there I9's and Coffee lake without communicating this...I think it will be sued. I am anxious to see how Intel, Amazon, Google and AMD will respond to this in time. Hell, it could push the sales of Epyc. I've also read that NVidia cards use quite a lot of syscalls..and newer AMD/GCN cards don't. Is this true?
  3. Smoofie

    More Intel leaks.. this one is not good though

    So, any Americans feel like suing Intel if the loss in performance is great enough :P? Even though Intel most likely didn't hide this fact, it is still at fault for what's likely some performance drops in cloud services and if I read it right, also for things like Blizzard WoW servers.
  4. Smoofie

    Soundcard or onboard sound question

    Hi guys, this has probably been asked a lot of times, yet I'm still going to ask it. I recently build a new rig with an Asus Maximus X Hero. I did however still have my old soundcard, which I currently use, a Xonar HDAV 1.3. My question is, is the new realtek codec better than the one the hdav 1.3? Its a card from 2009, but when comparing the audio I still feel the HDAV 1.3 is fuller and more balanced. But it can also be that I just need to tune the onboard sound with sonic suite 3 a bit more to make it shine for my headphone with the equalizer and/or bass boost and Smart volume settings. Or is it even recommended to buy a headphone amp/dac? I am using an Audio-technica A900X, which is a well above average headphone. Especially at its price point back in the days, it could compete with similar headphones well above that price. Edit: Another reason why I asked this question, the soundcard is kind of "in the way" for cooling my GPU properly :P. Its blocking either the air intake or outake so to say.
  5. Smoofie

    Should I delid my 8700?

    The thing I worry about is losing the warranty, but I'm not sure if retailers can easily check if a CPU has been delidded, and the warranty goes throught the retailer here in the Netherlands. That's true, I do notice that games like Overwatch do use AVX2 instructions, so the CPU does get stressed a bit more. My temps in games are around 40-60, with an AVX offset of 2 on 1.32v. But in summer it's probably 8C warmer. Anyway, thanks for al the replys :).
  6. Hi guys, I have a new build with an 8700k and I am wondering if I should delid or not. As you can see on the picture below my CPU is running quite hot on a custom liquid cooled loop, with room temp. at around 19 to 21. So my question is, is it worth it to delid and lose the warranty? Btw: Is the Voltage on CPU-Z and core temp correct? I have my Vcore on 1.35 with LLC on level 5. Cheers.
  7. For the games you play you don't really require a better GPU, albeit, yours isn't future proof at the moment, were you to decide to play some more recent games with better graphics. But a better GPU als helps VFX work iirc, with hardware acceleration As for your CPU, a ryzen 1600 should be good enough.
  8. They will probably do the same as in BF4 now, paying for certain upgrade packs and unlocks to get a "head start"
  9. De La Croix. If you've played blood and wine yoi know how theyve bashed other companies with the murder investigations of De La Croix.
  10. Smoofie

    Tesla Unveils - Semi Truck and next-gen Roadster

    Emission friendly isn't eco friendly tho, especially when it's coals powering the charge points and required materials for the batteries are also not mined in what one would say an eco friendly environment. I also cant imagine a hundred trucks are more economic than a single train, when it comes to containers.
  11. :D. I've never bought MW2, CoD1,2 and 4 for life. The dutch may also investigate loot boxes btw.
  12. Americans pay way too much for their internet,cable and phones/4g. 1Gbit is quite nice tho for that price.
  13. Smoofie

    Core 2 Quad still good for 2017?

    I used to play more demanding games back in the day with an E6850 and a radeon 4870. Get a cheap i52500 with a graphic cards of that generation, be it nvidia or intel and you should be fine.
  14. Atleast there aren't single player loot boxes in AC..
  15. Smoofie

    Looking for a new Full tower for LC

    I can get it for 240 like I said. Still expensive but its 'only' 40 euro more than the darkbase pro. But the full tower market with recent cases isnt very big, a lot of the cases are already a few years old and miss certain modern features .