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  1. using Steelseries Apex m260 and almost broken Razer Abyssus1800 with a generic china-made 80cm x 20cm mousepad weeww
  2. i love the LG G3 dual window! it could just save my life! i always chat while watching videos/youtube, keep switching between my chatting apps and youtube. and sometime i forgot to reply to a message(girlfriend) that is important! it's annoying and dangerous.
  3. thanks for the advice, i will not be buying anytime soon, at least wait till after Feb. so maybe i will be looking for cheaper processor and any advice on other choices of AMD graphic cards that is suitable? appreciated edit: btw, im living in Malaysia
  4. thanks for that, im thinking of going for msi a85xma-e35. ASRock board are hard to find in my place
  5. ermm. yeah i do. i have few external harddisk with usb3.0
  6. any other board option other than ASRock FM2A55M-DGS R2.0? cause it is hard to find this board in my place :wacko: better to have USB3.0