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    Spokane, Washington
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    Computers, Animals (mostly reptiles), and coding
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    I just recently got into computers, and it is my goal to completely transform an old ASUS cm1730 into a great machine!
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    Nothing, I'm 12.


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    AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 @ 2.90 GHz
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    8.00 gb
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    AMD 760G (chipset)
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    Stock (921 gb)
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    Generic PHP monitor
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    Stock Lenovo keyboard
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    Stock ASUS mouse
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    Windows 7 Home premium

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  1. I might get it is it will work with my system. The OKIA power supply is an "atx psu", however I do not know the specific specs of that at this time.
  2. is this good? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA68V5NC1928&cm_re=Pure_Power_10-_-9SIA68V5NC1928-_-Product
  3. The case looks like this image I found on google:
  4. It said "OKIA 450 Watt max PSU" or something like that... I haven't looked at that thing in a while lol
  5. I thought the case was, sorry for being unclear. I am not sure though, but it seems small compared to my brother's PC, and I thought the motherboard might have been micro atx
  6. Ok. I thought it was a Micro-ATX, however people on different forums say that it all has to do with pin connectors.
  7. How do I know if a PSU is compatible with my system? I have a M4A78LT-M motherboard.
  8. Thanks for the responses guys, I will talk to him about it when he gets back and see what works, and what doesn't. I honestly almost never trust prebuilts anymore (kind of hypocritical that I am using one, though I am replacing many of the parts.) Thanks and have a nice evening.
  9. Thanks for the response. I would love to take the PSU out of the optiplex and test it, however my sister uses that PC everyday, and for school, so I can't do that, and we got it off of craigslist a while back from some random dude who totally put the sidepanel on because we have never been able to get it open. We do have a random old E-machines computer with Windows XP laying around, that might have a salvageable PSU, but I am not sure the wattage, and I don't know who's room it is in, though nobody is using it, as 2 gigs of ram in that thing is SLOW. Hard drive failure does seem like something that could possibly be happening, so I'll look into that. Darn this could add up. I was thinking a bit about RAM earlier too, I might try to reseat it to see if that works. It could definetially be faulty RAM. RAM isn't very expensive, and once again I am pretty sure I could find some salvageable RAM somewhere, however I need to check and see what type of RAM his computer uses. The computer I am typing this on has some pretty old RAM, but it might work, however I will research a but ti clarify. I do agree though, as honesly the whole PC company seems kind of sketchy. Now that I read the reviews, the more I am seeing similar complaints. Hey though, to get some credit, at least we went to Amazon instead of Ebay, I mean, even I am not that low, and won't go there unless I am looking for an old component, like an old GPU or something. Thanks for the help, I will talk to him when he gets back. This sucks, but I will try what I can. Thanks, and have a good evening.
  10. Thanks for the response. My brother is currently gone right now, but I'll show him when he gets back. I'm not completely sure about the HDD though, if we go with replacing the PSU should we just use it and if it keeps showing signs of a bad hard drive, we get an SSD?
  11. So, I'll try to make this short and simple, as I don't want to ramble (PS, not happening) So, about last year (like, really close to exaclty last year), my brother got a new PC for Christmas, as an old Optiplex with an old graphics card stuck in is not very good for gaming I was a CybertronPC Rhodium 950 X8 Gaming PC, a prebuilt, however from the reviews (thought now that I read some of them I see that others are having issues..), the systems that they made seemed to be a decent choice, so that was the computer he got. It ran very well when he first received it, as it could play games with WAY higher framerates than the old PC, and overall I thought that it was a decent PC... until a few months ago... Soon, about a few months ago, his computer was acting slower. He has Malwarebytes premium and Windows Defender running a lot, with Malwarebytes running when the PC is not in use, so I doubted that it was a virus or something, but that is not the end of the problems. Soon it started randomly restarting. Sometimes it might have been something ordinary like a windows update, but a lot of those times, it was just completely out of the blue. No blue screens, no error messages most of the time. He did say that a few times it said something about restarting to prevent overheating or something, but the last time he has seen that, he says was a few months ago. We recently dusted out the PC since then, and luckily we have not gotten that in a while. Later, recently, his computer would start restarting again. It was dusted again not too long ago, however this time is different. Whenever he turns on the computer after it reboots or shuts off, it is incredibly laggy, like with nothing opening. I am not really sure how many times this has happened, however last night was the worst, as cortana was frozen open, covering the option to restart the computer, task manager opened, being very laggy, and refused to close until it stopped responding, and the fans were overall very loud, like when they are under load. I have heard that turning on the computer can be very CPU intensive, and overall taxing to all of the parts, however his computer has been fine for a little while. Their was also this awful screechy sound that he told me about, and when he uplugged the computer, it stopped, but I have heard that bad PSU's can do that. He also said that it mainly would restart during more graphically better games, ones that would make his fans really go. Games like Garry's Mod... not so much, but games like Arma 3 (high settings with mods). All of this information leads me to believe that this is PSU issue, as it usually happens during the games that put his PC under more load, and not on barely any other occasions. Here are his PC specs: CPU: AMD FX-8300 GPU: ZOTAC GTX 1050 RAM: 16 Gigabytes Hard drive: 1000 Gigabyte SATA III Cooling: N/A (I have no clue, sorry) Power Supply: sl-f500 (500 watt) Motherboard: ASUS M5A78L‑M PLUS SMBIOS version: 2.5 BIOS mode: Legacy Annnnnd.. finnallyyyyyy! OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit To wrap it up: He did not overclock anything He did not ever even try to do anything like update BIOS We both think that it is probably a power supply issue What do you guys think? I honestly don't really know if it is a power supply issue, but whether or not it is anything, I think that it is kind of annoying that it has been less than a year old and it is already having issues. Have a nice day, and thanks for your time!
  12. I really liked your response, but I am kind of confused about this part, sorry, I am no tech master lol, I am a noob when compared to others. I have been trying to read on BIOS and all of that stuff, but I am not finding much, except for people saying that motherboards only really matter if they have the right kind of slot or whatnot, rather than anything about bios.. My motherboard does seem really outdated, as it says this in system information:
  13. Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy with other things, and my lizard getting a tail amputation.. I'll try to get back sooner.. The thing is, this PC is really going to be multipurpose. I want to be able to do things like school, drawing, animating, and gaming on it. I don't need something that can achieve 100+ fps in the latest games or anything like that, I just am sick of getting 20 fps on the Sims 4 lowest settings on my laptop I will totally look into that PSU soon, as I am going to start upgrading soon. As for motherboard and CPU, I think I will wait a bit on that unless I for some reason REALLY need to upgrade those two things. I want a bit of breathing room after the other upgrade to save up a bit more. I will look into the BIOS revisions thing you mentioned, I never thought of looking into that. Thanks for your input, it was really helpful!
  14. True, as I did go from Windows XP/7 computers to 8.1 randomly, as all of the PC's in our house were Windows 7 at the time, so it was a bit hard at first, but soon enough I got used to it. Though 10 is still a lot better in my opinion.