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  1. I know multiple people hosting both GTA and Arma servers and this has been the easiest way to spot if the server isnt strong enough. Because everytime a player logs on its going to use more CPU, RAM and Disk speed makes sense right ?
  2. Remember when it comes to Online servers FPS is heavily depended on the server its running on. You could have 80 FPS with 10 ppl on and 40 FPS with 30. This just means the server cant handle the player load so it might not be your system.
  3. You should cancel that imediately and go for the 3700x instead. The 3800x is basicly a 3700x in disguise. GamersNexus covered this. Your not getting much performance gain for the price you pay. And you can OC the 3700x to pretty much the same as 3800x.
  4. Disable it. I got my 1500x to run stable at 1.42v at 3900mhz. Now i switched to 2700x and waiting for the 3950x
  5. Ýeah im fine with uptill 100Euro over MSRP
  6. 3700x 349Euro = 313£ = 393$ 3900x 529Euro = 475£ = 596$ I live in the netherlands but always order from Germany since its 99% of the time cheaper.
  7. Haha Well yeah its the safe way Just hope i can make a good deal with retailer otherwise i might just purchase it from the states. Atleast The CPU's have been pretty close to MSRP. I expect the 3950x to cost around 800-850 Euro.
  8. Haha your right. The Formula is stupid. Man i would love if gigabyte came out with a Waterforce version for x570. Im already planning on doing Custom Watercooling so that would just be perfect tbh. I think im going to wait till the 3950X comes out till i purchase the board to see if prices calm abit down
  9. It is a an Amazing look board ( One of the reasons i want it ). I really hope the prices stabilizes, the price for Hero Formula is perfect for this type of boards. Why the GODLIKE or Xtreme doesnt have the same price point when MSRP is the same on all 3 boards is really odd to me. I think i will try send a mail to a retailer and hear if i pair the Xtreme with 3950x what i can get out of it if they can drop the price on the Xtreme.
  10. Thanks for the info. But i kinda want aorus xtreme paired with 3950x so still got some time Till it arrives but just wanted to get the board first. But if i can find the aorus xtreme for less than 700 euros its an instant purchase for me.
  11. Yeah your right its quite up there. 430-450 euro which is approximately the same. Limited supply maybe but like if they rip off the shelves they can just order more ?
  12. Ohh yeah Komplett i know. Never order from Komplett their prices are redicules! As far as i know Alternate.de also ships to Scandinavia and it has sites for a lot of countries but the German site has the best prices. But you will get a shipping fee for around 20 Euros i believe so the difference should be more ofc
  13. Yeah tbh i think im going to get a friend from the US to purchase it for me cause it makes no sende what so ever. Normally it is based off the US prices but for it to deviate this much from eachother is Odd especially when you look at the 350usd market All those boards pretty much match eachother In the EU market.
  14. I know how the Vat system works.. But the Formula is a lot lower priced than the others but still the same in the US ergo it doesnt make any sense. Doesnt make sense that the Godlike and Xtreme isnt priced the same either.