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  1. Koxicain

    Ryzen 2700x + B350 Mobo

    The only way i can Those are peak temps though
  2. Koxicain

    Ryzen 2700x + B350 Mobo

    So i've done some more testing. Board temps are at 60 and peaks for a short time at 65. on full load.
  3. Koxicain

    Ryzen 2700x + B350 Mobo

    But tbh. Everytime i go above 4.2 it will just freeze when benchmarking. I have never had an overheating shutdown ever. Not even on my 1500x 3.9ghz at 1.45v with the temps around 60-70 stock cooling. That is now all changed since i got the 2700x and Thermaltakes 360mm AIO. Did a Prime95 test for 30 minutes highest recorded temps was 65c under the 12k test i believe. Otherwise it would stay around 50-55. The Thermaltake fans are really powerfull so i currently have 4 exhaust fans and 3 intake ( On the radiator )
  4. Koxicain

    Ryzen 2700x + B350 Mobo

    OTP ? I will do some more testing tonight
  5. Koxicain

    Ryzen 2700x + B350 Mobo

    Yeah i know i need a better board. Just dont wanna buy a new one when X570 comes out soon. I wouldnt exactly call it office grade though. I would say mid tier gaming My 1500x wasnt as lucky. It could only go 3.9ghz at 1.42v. But so my assumption is correct. The board is most likely the cause of it. Well board temps during full load was around 50c. Havnt had a problem with the board at all, other than it is impossible to OC my memory might also be caused by cheap memory idk.
  6. So i recently purchased the 2700x because i cant wait for 3rd gen to come out. It is combined with my PC mate b350 ( Will get upgraded when 570 comes out) Im able to achive a stable OC of 4.2ghz at 1.3875v (Havnt tested lower yet) But if i increase it to 4.3 at 1.4 or 1.45 it freezes the PC instantly when stress testing or using cinebench. Do you think its most likely to be the board not being able to OC it further or that i havnt won the sillicone lottery?
  7. Is it possible to game Pubg on Linux? Cause Windows issue is actually a likely possibility after the newest update. Have tried Priority, Affinity nothing really gains or looses anything. When in the lobby i've tried to change Ingame settings OBS settings and everything. Even downloaded CoreParking to make sure it uses my hole cpu. Which made no difference so going to delete that
  8. Yeah and i dont get why i cannot use Turings improved NVENC when i get more than 100 FPS. Encoder just dies according to OBS when i get that many frames. But in approximately 5 hours im home from work and i will screen the OBS settings.
  9. Yeah thats for 1080p Streaming. while im only doing 720p60 FPS which is requiring a lot less CPU power. I currently stream at Fast preset at 3500 kb. Stream looks good, but my game feel is very different, i feel small stutters laggy frames etc. even when its above 75 fps.
  10. I will do that when i get home. I tried that tbh. But doesnt seem to affect anything but OBS. Started to get some dropped frames etc.
  11. Koxicain

    Nvenc vs x264 vs ElGato vs quick sync

    True. You would have to upgrade to a new 2080 to also get good performance gains
  12. I have 2700x Did i forget to update my signature ? Woops .. Sorry Forgot to update signature.. I have 2700x
  13. Shadowplay has no features. Cant setup my overlays like in obs. If i could do 100% the same thing i might consider it but it cant. Really dont want a capture card. Ram is an upgrade that will come soon going to purchase 16 gigs of 3200mhz ram. Eventhough the monitor cannot display higher than 75 fps it still looks more smooth when the FPS is above it. But with x264 it will start at 50ish and then go stable at around 60-80 fps. which is smooth enough but comparing that to when not streaming is a drop of 20-60 fps which i can feel.
  14. So i have tested sooo many different settings, and changed in between 3 encoders. An doesnt seem to be able to solve it. You can see my specs in the signature. When using NVENC New encoder in OBS, everything seems to be running as intended untill you look over at OBS. Then it is saying the encoder is being overloaded by 720p 60 FPS, I figured out this is being cause when you have high fps ingame the more OBS struggles encoding it. The same thing pretty much happened with the old NVENC setting. I then tested with x264 at Fast and the stream is smooth, but instantly i will drop a lot of FPS eventhough OBS is only using 10-20% CPU And the games i play around the same. My Temps doesnt exceed 60 degrees celcius. I've tested it in PUBG where i tried to set affinity differently with only worse effect and adjusting the ingame gfx does a 5-10 fps inc/decrease from Very low-Ultra settings with screenscale on 100% I know the game im doing this in is broken but i figured if i get it to work here it will work everywhere So my question is, any way of fixing the new NVENC encoding so it doesnt throttle when having high FPS in the game? and how to solve the issues with my FPS dropping like crazy when using the x264 eventhough i have plenty of CPU headroom? FPS Comparisons All Ultra settings with Screenscale 120 Not Streaming: 100-140 Streaming NVENC: 80-120 Streaming X264 FAST: 50-120
  15. Koxicain

    Nvenc vs x264 vs ElGato vs quick sync

    On his current system yes. On RTX cards it is actually Very similar to x264 Medium presets. With ofc pros and cons on each side.