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    EVGA 2080TI Black Edition
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    Thermaltech P5
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    SAMSUNG 850 EVO SERIES 500GB 2.5" SATA3 SSD (MZ-75E500BW)
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    Asus PG34q, ACER XB280HK 28" , Samsung HU9000 78" Curvered
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  1. in world of warcraft my gpu sits around 30% usage and my fps can tank in big raid situations i noticed i have 1 thread just pegged at 100% . sometimes to as low as 40 or 50 fps. Also i have to turn the graphics down does help some. But still seems like a cpu issue? Compared to AAA titles where my gpu is just pegged at 100%.
  2. Hi, Im considering upgrading from 3800x to a 5600x. Main game i play is wow. Which can lag sometimes in mythic raiding. (sub 60 fps) 3440x 1440. I also dont want to lose fps in AAA titles.Which i play occasionally I dont do anything on my computer except gaming and youtube so the case for 8 cores seems silly. mboard x570 Hero ram 3200mhz corsair. evga 2080ti black Custom Water Loop. Do you think it will be worthwhile? Sacraficing 2 cores for higher single core performance is the thought.
  3. Well thermaltech p5 so no airflow issues. Here is an image off d15 thermal paste it looks good I used line method cos that's what I did on my first cpu. Also saw gamersnexus video showing how hard it is to screw up thermal paste. Also if you had bad mount wouldn't that make your cpu overheat. But only getting 10C variance when running prime 95 vs fully idle.
  4. Hi, Just did a custom loop using barrow parts. Cpu seems quite high 50-60 idle and 70 under full load. Although my noctua d15 was thermal throttling so im thinking ryzen cooks. while 2080ti is sitting at 35-40C does ryzen stay hot even under water? or is it a bad mount/cheap water block? i remember my old 4790k was like 40-50 under full load with a water cooler. PS using a 480mm thick radiator
  5. Thanks. Last time I watercooled a pc I failed leak test and stained carpet a nice red colour so...
  6. If I fill my loop with distilled water for a week for leak testing can I then add fluid concentrate directly into loop.should auto mix over time right? Or do I need to drain the loop mix the concentrate and fill the loop.
  7. wait for 3000 series to drop then either get 2080 ti for cheap or next gen. i know i will be getting rid of my 2080 ti maybe .
  8. gpu 40C cpu 70C CPU block is either crap unlikely. or not mounted properly,
  9. i orded a cheapo one from ali express. since im sure it can measure pressure.,
  10. These air pressure leak testers seem to be getting more popular. i ordered one for my new build. When using on whats the general rules? stay under 0.5 bar and leave for 15 minutes compared to the old method of leak testing? any other tips would be helpful.
  11. do you think a reference 2080ti on water could outperform something like a 2080ti ftw3 with stock cooler? given the ftw3 probably has a better binned chip?
  12. So if you were to buy a 2080ti Would you just buy the cheapest A variant chip like an evga xc. Would you buy a evga ftw 3 instead? IS there any benefit if you are just going to water cool it??? I am actually not gonna buy one. I am doing research for the 3080ti when it drops so I know which variant to get. Thanks
  13. i have never seen 4.5ghz under any situations, normally get 4.2ghz with pbo/default/auto oc. i run 4.375ghz @ (1.2V) it took 1.4V to reach 4.4ghz