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    Asus Z97-AR
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    2x8gb G-Skill Trident X 1600Mhz
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    MSI RX 580 Gaming-X 8Gb (watercooled) H80i V2
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    IN WIN 303
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    128Gb Samsung SSD + 2 x 500GB SSD 850 Evo RAID 0
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    Corsair RM 550
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    LG 29" LED 29UM69G
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    Triple Noctua NF-S12A + H100i V2
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    Logitech K120
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    Logitech G502
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    Logitech Z313
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    Win 10 Pro

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  1. Mouse-Potato

    4d msi Mobo error code X570

    I figured it out! My X570 board isn't compatible with 2200g and 2400g processors... Bought a 3900x and now it works.
  2. Mouse-Potato

    4d msi Mobo error code X570

    Hello all, Just assembled my new ryzen build, here are the specs: X570 MSI MEG ACE 2200g processor (for the moment) Gskill 3600 CL 16 8gb x2 PSU: Corsair Rm 550x GPU: MSI RX 580 Things to note, this mobo has 2 auxillary power ports at the top, my pay only cam with one extra cable for this port therefore only one of the 2 auxillary ports is plugged in. I don't think 2 are actually required to run everything properly especially since there is a 2200G installed. I did a BIOS flash with USB flash drive and using the appropriate manipulation. It flashed through the bios update and then turned off, therefore I assume the update procedure was successful. I am now getting a 4d error code on the mobo, the Dram light was on so I threw a 4 gb stick in it. Now the light had gone out but I still am getting the 4d code. Any ideas? Has this issue occurred to anyone else? Thanks!
  3. Mouse-Potato

    NAS setup to share movies with my friends

    Thanks for your response, what would be my options regarding file share and using a rpi 4? Install windows or linux? How would you go about setting this up if you were to do it? Thank you !
  4. Mouse-Potato

    NAS setup to share movies with my friends

    As for hardware, I have an old laptop with an i7 and 8gb of ram, a media pc with a 2200G 8gigs of ram, and a RPi 2 B. As for Plex do you have to pay to use it? Are there other free options? Thanks again !
  5. Hello, As the title says I am looking for a way to set up an external 8TB hard drive as a NAS server and then allow access to my friends so they can watch movies from my HD drive. They are located around the world so I am wondering if there is an easy way to set this up. Would it be possible to use a Raspberry Pi as the controller? I'm not too good with NAS and server stuff so anything would be helpful. I would prefer to allow them a read only option, so they don't delete my files accidentally. Has anyone ever tried or built somehting like this?
  6. Mouse-Potato

    Electronics conception

    Thanks you all for the pointers, I will check them all out when I get a chance! Also in a worst case scenario, do you know of a company or person that can build something if I tell them what I want? I'm not sure if I'll be able to know how to implement everything i'm thinking of and i'm definitely not an electrical engineer...
  7. Mouse-Potato

    Electronics conception

    I was wondering if there was any software that I could use for pcb board conception. I want to build/mockup a small audio conversion board that has both wired and wireless input and output. Anything helps !
  8. Not sure how a nasty fatass fuck would be able to get gunk inside a closed loop AIO... The worst case scenario would be clogged radiator fins, which could be cleaned with compressed air and/or a tooth brush. Also the H100i V2 cools better than the H115 so it's a better bang for the buck especially at $70. I'd say go for it. OP will be able to cool his 2600 no problem at highest overclock.
  9. Mouse-Potato

    Un partitioning C drive

    You lost me at "shuffle", I tried MiniTool but can't seem to get that to do anything either. Maybe I need to copy my drive to another 2.5" drive and then back onto the 240 SSD drive by using Macrium Reflect software. It's kind of dumb it's not implemented trhough Win 10...
  10. Mouse-Potato

    Un partitioning C drive

    I tried that but I don't have "expand" as a possibility.
  11. Mouse-Potato

    Un partitioning C drive

    Hello ! As the title says, I cloned my C drive to a bigger SSD, I went from a 128gb to a 256gb drive but when I did this for some reason it made a partition of the orignal disk's size. The "new" drive is a Sandisk Ultra 2 256 gb. I have tried erasing the volume but it still keep the partition.. Is there any way I can delete the partition so that it allocates the 111GB's back to the rest of my C drive without having to erase everything and starting over? Thanks!
  12. Mouse-Potato

    Running Dual Corsair AIO's setup

    Ah, well if the CPU isn't generating musch heat then the AIO is acting just as if it were an intake fan. To save some space you could just install one of the fans on the H80i which is more than enough in my opinion, having both only dropped temps by about 2 to 5 celsius. Good luck with your endeavor!
  13. Mouse-Potato

    Running Dual Corsair AIO's setup

    One problem I can notice with your system is the sage on your GPU, you might want to get a brace to install or figure out some way to support it. Also you case has it's AIO in the front which blows hot air into the case, if you install a AIO on your GPU it'll be inhaling pre-heated air from your CPU. You might be experiencing high temps as it is from the current setup. I tend to go for cases that do not have a shroud on the bottom, and opt for at least one intake fan on the bottom instead.I liked the layout the inWin 303 had to offer because it has bottom to top flow and is pretty spacey. If you decide to go with the build as is, you might have to rotate your EVGA heatsink 90 degrees clockwise to allo enough room for the H80i + 2 fans. You might be able to mount it to the top part of the case but I can't tell from the pictures how much romm you have and if it will clear your RAM.
  14. Mouse-Potato

    Running Dual Corsair AIO's setup

    I am not using the screws provided in the kit, they were too wide. I found some what i believe were some replacement screws for holding on case panels or PCI slots. You can always go to a hardware store and find some that'll do the job. Just take the provided screws and ask someone there what they have in that thread type and length. If I had to find a screw that would do the job I'd have useed "socket cap" screws, they aren't very wide so they'd clear the H80i housing and are easier to mount because they "hug" the allen wrench when istalling them. I would shoot for 5mm long or whatever the length the stock screws are. "Socket Cap" The G12 housing has a Asetek type coupling plat, you just press it in, twist and release pressure and it holds in place. I had to cut some of the foam that is supplied to help support the GPU on the bracket, I just used some scissors, I don't really think this is needed but I used it anyways since it was supplied. My GPU came with a backplate, in the earlier pictures I didn't have the backplate installed, but upon your request for more pictures and having to pull it out of the case I decided to put the back plate back on. It is in fact screwed in by maybe 10 tiny screws. I don't see why you would have to remove it unless your 1080 ti has a different method for mounting its backplate. I am not using any VRM heatsinks, I will try to use Unigine Heaven and see if I can check the temps that way. For connecting the fans all you have to do is connect the H80i to a USB header and a fan header and then the two output wires go directly to the radiator fans, make sure that in your BIOS that fan header is at 100% all the time since iCUE controls the fans instead of the mobo. You can plug your 92mm fan onto another fan header and run it at 5V to 7.5V or whatver speed you think is sufficient to keep your VRM cool. PS: The H80i fans can be set to follow GPU temps in the fans settings screen In any case, good luck and I hope you post your pictures here as well. If you have some troubleshooting issues, let me know and I'll help you best I can. Cheers, MP
  15. Mouse-Potato

    Running Dual Corsair AIO's setup

    Here are some of the pics I took of the build with the AIO. You can see from the pictures my fan setup from the case fans blowing directly onto the GPU, I think this helps with VRM temps. Max temps OC'd are around 52°C-55°C.