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  1. Quick question which rom should i download ? Recovery ROM or or OTA ?
  2. Hi, I have a problem with my phone that after doing a factory reset it started up fine but as it went through the setup process it get stuck on "Find my device" loop error. I've included a video of what i mean: After a while it will restart into Mi-recovery with the option to reboot, wipe data or connect to mi assistant. I have tried all 3 and have tried using the Mi PC suite to re-flash the rom but it will not recognize the phone. Things to note, it is a Chinese version, when i went through the setup process, the only region i was able to select was China. I can hold down the volume down button and power button to get into the fast-boot menu but can't go anywhere from there. I kind of feel like crap because it's a great phone and wanted to give it to my dad but i feel like it's dead now...
  3. Hi, I'm looking around for a display that I could use for Work and some FPS gaming. I do not want any light bleed and would prefer at least a 2,5K 144hz panel that has Free-Sync and accurate colors. Currently I have a LG 29UM69G which I plan to mount above the 32" monitor and I really like the image quality and wish to stay with the same quality. My current screen is about 70 cm wide (27.7 inchs) so stacking them one on top of each other i'd like to keep about the same width if possible. My GPU is a 5700 XT but I might upgrade further down the road if need be. Currently I'm looking at the Asus TUF VG32 VQ but I really like LG panels so far. My budget is around $500. If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear your ideas. Thanks !
  4. Here's my post about doing it. If you have an AIO then i'd recommend just going with the kraken G12 and getting some thermal paste (non conductive) and going that route.
  5. Just slap a CPU cooler on it and call it a day... I've also have used a kraken G12 adapter on one of my GPU's and used a AIO to cool it.
  6. @SansVarnic Thanks for the link but after watching the intro video it looks kind of dodgy.
  7. I'll check that link out ! I do have a linkedin account though but not sure if I can scrape contact info, I know a lot of resume's are on the site.
  8. Hi guys, So i'm kind of trying to figure out the best way to scrape data off the web to make a portfolio to prospect for new clients. This is kind of a project above all because I want to learn more about this kind of thing (scraping), although i'm not sure that this is the best way to go about it. Does anyone here have any ideas or know of any prebuilt apps or software that I could use? Should i scrape job posting sites? LinkedIn? I'd need to find their companies name,the person's name, email, and phone number as well as their current function. Thank you, MP
  9. Sure did ! Also read online that manually deleting the F@H files in "program files" folder works as well
  10. I did, but it seems the issue was the data files not being deleted upon uninstall. It works now !
  11. Ah yes, thanks! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to delete all data. Thank you !
  12. Welp, just had a BSOD today and now my FAH client won't start, i've tried uninstalling then reinstalling, still no luck... I think I might be screwed for the competition...
  13. It could be because the heat output on these chips are pretty high, also it is an AIO, so the materials in the unit are probably mixed aluminum/copper which will decay over time. This is what I found after I did a bit of research, I might upgrade to a custom loop after this or go with a thermosiphon after they are released. Thanks for the tips though, I might just replace the thermal paste with some thermal grizzly to see if I notice any difference.
  14. Any updates on the passkey's ? Still haven't gotten mine yet NVM just saw the link to get one on main page...