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  1. Thanks for that. Wonder why surface pro 7 doesnt support LTE....
  2. I want to get a Windows device on the go that is LTE supported (meaning I can add a sim card and use the data there like I do with a smartphone, my understanding is right?) Are surface pro and books supported? Thanks
  3. well yes. which is why I reached out in the forum After years with XP and 7, I refuse to believe that Microsoft has made a plug and play solution lol
  4. So I want to move to a different mobo. I have seen quite a few recent threads that Windows 10 64bit isn't like the old Windows 7. I don't have to reinstall everything. It is a plug and play, set and forget solution, PROVIDED that you link your account beforehand, replace the CPU and/or mobo. Turn it on, and "everything" is there. Here's a few threads/sites I've visited, posted in the past 3 years: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1024507-motherboard-upgrade-without-reinstalling-windows/ https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1117865-change-motherboard-without-reinstalling-windows/ https://scottiestech.info/2017/02/26/upgrade-your-motherboard-without-reinstalling-windows-10/ My PC is sort of center for our home theater/network, which I really depend on it given the work from home situation. It is for gaming and productivity. I don't want any additional trouble for data loss. I have designed this by having an m.2 with OS and all applications, and an SSD drive for dropbox, gaming, downloads, and then another larger HDD for long-term storage, thinking that one day if I do any upgrades, I will just move the SSDs/HDDs, and wipe the m.2 to the new machine. I only learnt of this method today. Windows has really made great strides. My PC account is a local account and I have activated it using KMS back in 2016. My question is whether/can Microsoft recognize the licence, and allow me to reactivate it (in time) during my switch to a new mobo. Will network settings, file sharing settings and app settings (ie. anti-virus settings, accounts still signed in) be alright straight out of the box? Once I unlink it, can I run on KMS again? What if I don't unlink it? Thank you
  5. Hi guys, what is the latest KMS version and safe link to download? after a recent update, i have been receiving a notification that the licence is going to expire. is there a way around this? thanks!!
  6. Thanks. a quick follow up: What about docks made for apple? will there be any compatibility issues? Thanks
  7. Hi all I know most USB C docks are intended for laptops. Due to space contraints of the new office, my desktop which will be placed far away from me. I thought about using a USB C dock to bridge the distance (like this one....https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Monitor-Adapter-450-AEUO-4W2HW/dp/B01C8PHWQY?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_2&th=1) I need a longish USB C cable, and i dont mind having the dock externally powered. I could use a few good recommendations. My first question is how well do non-Dell hardware work with Dell components like these. The other is that I have noticed that some docks have the feature to charge the (mobile) device when plugged in. Would that harm my desktop? Thanks everyone.
  8. I don't plan to go with that. Will go ahead with your suggested m.2 on mobo idea. I'm simply asking because I wanted to learn.
  9. Oh, I didn't know that. That sounds great. I'll look into it. Thanks!! Perhaps you could teach me more about the PCIe lane issue, since I haven't been keeping up with tech hardware loop. Would the (theoretical) speeds and performance be affected had I gone done the original route?
  10. I'm a bit outdated on the hardware news. Is Asus the only maker of this particular type of card? Who else makes them and is it only on x299 and x399 I would like to have 2 x 1TB m.2, 2 scratch disks for 2 types of work. One big one for storage "How much sotrage do you need? Whats the rest of the build." Probably 5tb. ROUGHLY 3TB + 1 + 1
  11. I'm drawing up a new set up plans for a home theatre, gaming workstation / server. My current build is effectively an all in one itx with a lot of HDDs and older SSDs, but having a home fitted with 10G internet, so all the home appliances and apple TV can be streamed from my computer etc. The build is 3.5yrs old but on a day to day the thing runs 40% because a lot of things are running in the background, dropbox syncs, streaming, home theatre access and is time for a new build. The idea is to ditch HDDs, and (possibly and in my dreams) go full m.2 NVME and cableless, I saw Asus's PCIe 4 x m.2 add on (https://www.asus.com/Motherboard-Accessory/HYPER-M-2-X16-CARD/). I'm thinking of putting all my drives there. While configuration is something to be decided, I want to fit a GPU too. If I were to put the add - on on the PCIe X16 lane, and the GPU in the x8, would GPU performance be affected or vice versa? If so, are there mobos now that support PCIe x16 the top 2 lanes? Thanks
  12. I've got acestream on the desktop, I'd like to stream audio and video from the PC to Apple TV's VLC app. I see a network streaming bit there. I'm sure there's a way, but I cant figure out how to get it to work.. Thanks
  13. Looking to move to the new Samsung phone. I'd like to transfer my whatsapp history to the new phone, but most search posts seem to be out dated. Thanks