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  1. Haris Javed

    A new series that explains EVERYTHING

    Bro if you want to do it, just do it! don't try to get validation from the LTT forum users, some of them are just straight up Toxic, and will deem your idea useless....good luck
  2. Haris Javed

    Disappointment with LMG

    I like LTT videos. Their humor brings something new to the tech You Tuber space. However I do think 1 video a day is too much, I would like it if they did 2 videos a week. I would like more videos about home / office automation they could do more videos about linux / unix they could do videos about store tours they are extremely talented people, but doing ~ 200 - 300 videos a year and not running out of ideas is a hard task.
  3. Haris Javed

    Why hasn't LLT hired a Data Scientist yet?

    To conclude, data science and machine learning have their place in the world, but this is not one of them. - Yes i agree - this is not the place, I would consider my question answered / explored. A bit off topic, but I am curious. Why majority of the people which are doing data science must behave like Jehovah's Witnesses and spread "the gospel of data science" to the "common people" and propose that data science is solution for everything? - I guess its curiosity, and how maximum amount of information can be extracted from something, but I will not post any DS related questions on LTT. Instead of a constructive discussion, all I got was "shut up", "You are stupid"
  4. Haris Javed

    Why hasn't LLT hired a Data Scientist yet?

    Sure, why not. After a long workday my brain tends to get tired, and inevitably incoherent nonsense comes out. My question has been answered by logicaldrm but your comment added nothing beneficial - You went over my response and all you could do was show your ignorance while missing the point of the discussion. The point was that data scientists from different domains have provided free solutions to practical/real world problems. I am guessing you are tons of fun at office meetings. Keep it up
  5. Lol, I don’t know but maybe it has something to do with helping their children manage their money and getting involved to help the minor make good financial decisions - LTT forums are funny.
  6. I am sure his mom has good intentions. Maybe she wants him to save his money for college? I don’t know. As far as “his money, not his parents” argument goes look up emancipation laws. I am not sure about Canada, but in US a parent can legally take their child’s paycheck (under 18). Most parents are sane, moral people so they don’t do that - even though nothing is stopping them from doing so. These laws are designed to protect the minors. Stupid laws are pretty useful. Speed limits are pretty stupid, but they are useful.
  7. Your Mom is right, if the only thing you would like to use your PC is gaming than its not a pressing priority. However besides gaming (just my .02 cents) you can also use your PC to learn coding, and build small apps using Python, and other programming languages. Tell your parents that coding is something very useful these days, and It would be wise for you to expose yourself to it at an early age. Besides gaming what else do you plan to use the PC for?
  8. as long as you like, just avoid spilling liquid, dropping metal parts, and maybe a static carpet.
  9. Haris Javed

    Why hasn't LLT hired a Data Scientist yet?

    Thank you, this is the first response that makes sense to me, since I am not familiar with how internals of YouTube work. The issue is that we have no way to access user data to test and train a model .
  10. Haris Javed

    Why hasn't LLT hired a Data Scientist yet?

    Hey no worries, I am not a consultant, I am not looking for a side gig either, but I asked the question out of curiosity. They click on a topic to read it. It's not exactly hard to navigate. LTT's audience are tech savvy, that's why we watch it. - What can I say, People like to think they know everything. Yes navigation is not hard, but my question was more focused towards the insights Those kinds of fluctuations don't happen with a large channel. - That was hypothetical scenario. You say those large changes dont happen, however on July/27/2016 LTT had anomalous loss of -16.5K subscribers, and gained 13.9k the next day, similar anomaly around Sept /20/2018, and December/13 /2018 I wouldn't. It's still an increase. - fair point, but you can still see increasing traffic with a decreasing rate, think calculus Daily seems to work well. User engagement is for the author, not the audience. - fair point What if you had a redundancies in place, like LTT does. - businesses much larger than LTT run into this issue. Companies like Boeing, 3M, Cargil, Target (corporate giants, with insane redundancy) can / do go down. This is why they use Machine Learning for load prediction. In this case you can say that LTT is small enough to not be impacted by downtime and because real time data is not important Other employees are fully qualified to take out that role, and probably do. Most of it is just common sense. Sorry if I'm a bit frank but I fully believe consultants are just a pyramid scheme 100% - Nothing against LTT employees. They are great people , and produce some of the most fun content to watch. However if things were as easy as using your common sense, you wouldn't need specialized doctors (nurses can tell if a patient is having a heart attack or if a patient is going in a Diabetic Ketoacidosis, but they don't perform angioplasty or start a Ketoacidosis treatment), most people realize that littering is bad for the environment but a scientist can explain to you what economic / environmental impacts it can cause. My point is that experts in a domain exist for a reason. Many data scientist are not consultants, they provide answers to real world problems, and most of them do it because they love what they do. Their goal is not to flaunt around their PhD's but to use their their knowledge to better humanity. If you ever get a chance go to Kaggle.com, check out how many real world problems have been solved by data scientists. You like Alexa? Thank a data scientist for that, You like Image recognition on your phone? Thank a data scientist for that, You like Binge watching netflix? thank a DS for that. You like early Cancer detection? Thank a DS for that, You want to know if your heart is healthy just by listening to its rhythm? Thank a DS for that - all this work was done free.
  11. Haris Javed

    Why hasn't LLT hired a Data Scientist yet?

    Hi, my question was out of curiosity but I will share some more info I use google analytics. Its great for data visualization, but has 0 predictive power. google analytics gives you an aggregate traffic view, so it will tell you that you have 10K visits to a page / site, but has limited view into unique user information. (This can be fixed if a tool like aws kinesis is used) It cannot predict user behavior e.g why user left a page? were they frustrated? did they fail to find what they were looking for? aggregation hides the lack of accuracy - this might not be a big deal because we are not dealing with Medical / Patient data just my thoughts Thank you
  12. Haris Javed

    Why hasn't LLT hired a Data Scientist yet?

    hmm, I guess you can say its important to me, but it should be important to any business. Would you not be interested to find out how users engage with your website so you can make your site easier to navigate? Would you not be interested to find out that you lost 35% of your subscribers in Canada, and gained 50% new subscribers in Australia? How would you adjust your subscription models now that your subscriber base has shifted? and also predict what would be the best time to release the video to get the most user engagement with it? What if you could predict network failures before the failure takes place and brings down the network? I do feel that LTT is large enough to benefit from a data scientist. Thank you
  13. Weird but important question. Why hasn't LTT hired a data scientist yet? a data scientist can play a huge role in many aspects of the LTT channel. E.g subscriber prediction, viewer engagement with LTT content, network traffic, anomaly detection. user engagement with the LTT website - just to name a few Thank you
  14. Haris Javed

    Liquid Metal Laptop Cooling – 20C LOWER!

    I have used Liquid Metal on all my desktop CPU's - I will be doing it on my newest laptop as well. Its an asus scar with i7 8750h, and full fledged RTX 2070. I already have my cpu Liquid Metaled, but I will also also do my GPU. I have noticed my GPU tends to raise my cpu temp because of the shared heat pipes. Before my LM application the CPU was hitting 92-95C in BFV, and thermal throttling to 2.9Ghz, after the LM application the CPU does not break 83C while running at 3.713 Ghz (ambient of 70F, and gaming session lasting between 2-3 hours) . In total I have applied LM on 9 computers, 6 desktops, and 3 laptops, and so far the results have been great - no spillover or dead components. I still have a 6700k that I used liquid metal on back in 2016, and it has been great ever since. My wife uses that CPU now for some occasional Rainbow 6, and Fallout 3 game play. I do think that the CoolLabratory Ultra LM is superior to Cryonaut based on that is is easier to spread, and the applicator is MUCH better. Performance is same.
  15. Haris Javed

    Good GPU on a Budget?

    Hello - I am new to LTT forums, and would like to help. I have owned two of the three above mentioned gpu's. GTX 1060 6gb, and GTX 980 TI. - if you want to game at 1080P (60hz-144hz) the 980 TI is the best choice from the above cards. I had no problem hitting 144fps and above - with high/ultra settings (with 2x or 4xmsaa) in games like battlefield 4, battlefield 1 (110~135fps), Rainbow 2 siege, Overwatch. My card was OC'd and usually ran between 1463~1503 mhz core speed on air. The 980ti does produce a ton of heat, and power draw is increased quite a bit when the card is OC'd (noticed with killawatt) - The 1060 on the other hand will not do 144fps @ 1080p on high / ultra settings (with the exception of Overwatch, and Doom), but will do about 80-120fps in the above games when OC'd to 2000mhz. It also runs much cooler (60C for the card I have @ 65% fan speed), and the power draw is low If you can find a 980ti for 240-280 usd, it might be worth picking up. It is also a very good card for 1440p gaming (70-90 fps in the above titles). I used both cards with a 6700K clocked at 4.6ghz 1.310V.