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  1. It was a joke - it was super funny in my mind.
  2. You can worry if you wanna, but your temps are fine.
  3. E-cigarettes and...some other unspeakable things.
  4. Hi. Set your power plan to performance, and enable hardware acceleration for your browser.
  5. Hi. Please follow these steps. Turn on pc login to windows press the window key and search for “disk management” in disk management you will see your drive. Right click on it and select initialize. now you can use the disk
  6. Hi. You should be fine. The impact shouldn’t be noticeable while gaming. If you are worried about I/O performance why not explore AMD platform?
  7. Hi. I don’t have an RTX 3080, but I know what this issue is as I have experienced it many times with 2080TI. Issue: in certain scenes the card will boost to abnormally high core clock speed while the vcore voltage is not raised correctly causing a crash to desktop. fix1 : download MSI afterburner and lower the core clock by 25-50 MHz fix2: download MSI afterburner and define a custom Voltage/core clock curve. Step 2 Or 3 will fix your issue 100%
  8. Re: Designed by Apple - Book version 2


    I wonder if iJustine will get two copies again lol

  9. that's the whole point...you are getting something basic for a lot of money
  10. Hi guys. Apple might release a new version of Designed by Apple book. Here is what it might look like and cost. The book with the Vesa adapter pictures will cost 499$
  11. Learn 3 - 2 is going away beginning of 2020
  12. Try this solution https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46866478/docker-cp-command-not-allowed also your project is a python file before you run it make sure you have the correct packages / versions installed. The problem is with docker not AI/ Neural network layer.
  13. Bro if you want to do it, just do it! don't try to get validation from the LTT forum users, some of them are just straight up Toxic, and will deem your idea useless....good luck