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  1. I was playing a game last night and suddenly some space invaders-y artifacts showed up on screen and then a blue screen. Unfortunately, I did not record what the blue screen error code was. Now, my computer will get to bios and will display with either the integrated graphics or discrete graphics but will never get past bios. It will say "attempting repair" or get to the windows advanced startup page but it seems like anything after that is always a black screen. Sometimes it seems to also reject USB devices (keyboard and mouse lose power) but not always. A similar thing happened a couple weeks ago. I was playing a game, paused and turned the screen off for maybe 30 minutes, and turned it back on to a blank screen. This has happened occasionally before but turning the computer off and on again is all that I need to get it going again. These last two times, turning it off and on has not worked. The first time, I reinstalled windows and it seemed like everything was going fine so I figured there was a bad driver or something. Now that a similar crash happened again, I am worried that there is a hardware issue, particularly because of the artifacts I saw pre-blue screen. There were many complaints of similar artifacting with similar graphics cards back when the 2080 Ti launched but I'm not sure if it's likely that mine would have a RAM failure then go back to playing games after an OS reinstall, especially after having no issues since launch. Edit: I should note that I do not know if there was an artifacting thing the first time since whatever failure there was occurred while the screen was off. I suspect it is the same issue just because both happened while a game was running and then had similar booting issues. This time, I have tried resetting the bios but not much else because I have no idea what to try other than reinstalling windows and waiting again. Also, the advanced startup features seem to fail every time so I'm not sure what else there is to try. System: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, whatever the most recent version is. CPU: i9-9900KS Motherboard: Z390 Aorus Master on BIOS Version F8 (after resetting, not sure about before) GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra RAM: 32 GB DDR4 Corsair LPX PSU: Corsair HX850i Storage: currently a 500GB 970 Evo (nvme) has all OS things. Unplugged an 860 Evo (sata) and some Seagate HDD but that did not change anything Any suggestions?
  2. More "The Workshop" videos, don't even care what the tests are. A JayzTwoCents video reminded me of Luke getting really annoyed at nothing making any difference. They were some of my favorites.
  3. Thanks for the explanation! I’m still running into some stability issues but at least have a better idea of what is going on now
  4. I just tried 1.35V with a "medium" llc setting at it blue screened as soon as I started a stress test (within a second). Is there any problem with going with a higher setting?
  5. Sorry, not sure what you mean. It's been a while since I have worried about this stuff since I dialed in my previous cpu (3570k) 6+ years ago
  6. Was editing my post when I got your reply because I left this out, oops. I tried setting a lower fixed voltage but the system crashes almost immediately with a blue screen or just does not boot.
  7. Hello, I just got a new 9900k and am testing it out of course but something seems odd. In the settings guide that Gigabyte has (my motherboard is the Z390 Aorus Master), they say that the voltage to get an all core 5 GHz should be 1.35V or lower for most chips but when set to auto voltage, mine is drawing 1.4 or more at steady state (spiked to 1.464 during a stress test) to maintain the frequency with MCE on. If I manually set the voltage lower, the system crashes almost immediately. Did I just lose the lottery or something?
  8. Showing its age might not be exactly the right phrase. 90% of the time, it’s perfect. I’m just doing some more intensive stuff recently so it’s a combination of being old and not particularly powerful to begin with.
  9. I’ve seen the comment about the 2019 keyboard being on the repair list from day 1 not being a good sign a few times now. However, even as an Apple fan (everything but my desktop) I would not have even considered this one if it wasn’t included in the repair program from the start. Would obviously be better to just not fail but the 4 years of free repair is something at least. Still wish I could stick with my 2013 Air for a few more years but it’s showing its age.
  10. Would sure like to see something that says that given that my experience is the opposite
  11. Why do you think performance is not affected?
  12. It will at 4k with most games. With the previous 2080 Ti (returned) the only game where cpu got above about 50% usage was AC: Origins performance is noticeably worse than it was at x16 3.0
  13. EVGA 2080 Ti FTW3 Asus P8 Z77-V LX motherboard i5 3570k Using the top x16 slot on the motherboard with no other pcie slots in use It is the latest gpuz Not sure about mobo bios. It worked with a different 2080 Ti that I had to return if that adds any info. Unfortunately had to leave for a bit and won’t be able to check the bios version until later.
  14. I just installed a new graphics card and am having an issue where it thinks it only has x16 1.1 bandwidth instead of x16 3.0 (even under heavy load, not an idle power saving thing) This happened on my previous card but only when I found that I hadn’t fully pushed it into the slot. Reinstalling it fixed the issue that time. That does not appear to be the issue this time after unplugging and plugging back in a few times, making sure it’s all the way in each time. I checked that nothing is physically interfering with the slot/connector (like a sticker) and it’s fine there. What are some troubleshooting steps to try next? I’m assuming it is graphics card, motherboard, or user error and have not ruled out any of those.
  15. It looks like it was a separate issue with either my initial installation or a different fan being weird or something else unrelated. Runs nearly silent now, though temps aren’t amazing (probably related to running on silent mode on mobo) but also not terrible.