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    lgd topete

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    Heavy Metal, Tv series, hardware, programming, gamming...


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    AMD FX 6300 ...for now
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    asrock 970de3/u3s3
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    12gb dd3 1333MHz
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    Zotac Gtx 1060 Amp 6Gb
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    3R-SYSTEM R105SH Silver ATX
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    Samsung 850evo SSD 120GB + TOSHIBA HDD 2TB
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    Tacens Radix VI 650W
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    LG e2250v
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    Cheap Logitech
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    Cheap Logitech
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    Sony srs-db500
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    Win 10 / Linux Mint
  1. I been tinkering with wattman and saw the curve min value is 800Mhz. But mine is 5-20MHz. And I put some 8k video but keeps the same and video stutter a lot. Whatever i do on wattman dont applies. You can see a clock of 16 and a peak of 227 during the video.
  2. Ok I am gonna try 18.12.3 but the one that amd is pushing on their page is the 19. Yea I tried launcher, and 64b binari but global seems to override the settings... I tried version 18 but 'Installer cannot properly identify the AMD graphics hardware'
  3. 19.8.2 Im pressing update about all the time...
  4. Was trying that, and cause the launcher dont detect profile, press F11 to minimize and change global settings and pc crash (twice right now) i had to press reset button.
  5. Are you telling me that I have to expect high and unstable frametimes from a 5700xt, even a 2070super, than a 1060? Really? I know never happen to me, specs are: ryzen 5 1600 3.7GHz, 16GB DDR4 3200MHz, m.2 nvem, 2k 144Hz msi optix. 1060 was working perfectly no alt+tab crashes, stable frametimes. Never had a proper gaming ati gpu and i was willing to let nvidia but this is unappealing.
  6. The game was already max out when using old gpu. Only thing that was missing was 200% scale resolution and did nothing. I will try to tinker more with radeon profile and put some youtube videos on background . I know is a shitty game but i play a lot, and with that and all the Alt+Tab crashes and the freesync and monitoring sw flickering idk im thinking of returning it...
  7. I know I tried upscaling resolution and same outcome. But that is no excuse for a 420€ card to perform worst than an almost 3 years old 1060, no?
  8. Yes I did use DDU first to install drivers, I touch wattman settings and the gpu temps went crazy. I reinstall and never touch wattman again... By the way Control works fine clock max out, 60fps on 2k (if you quit afterburner), but BOTW on cemu is unplayable, like 0-2fps 1080p, when i was cap at 48fps 1440p. :´(
  9. Hi, I recently bought a sapphire pulse 5700 xt, after waiting a lot, coming from a gtx 1060 6gb. Me questions are: Why the core clock is so low when I am playing some low requirement games at 144fps (like paladins, i know...) and makes the game stutter? I am talking like 200MHz. When the 1060 was on max turbo (1886Mhz) always when gaming and causing 0 stutter or flickering and with better and stable frametimes. Shame. Or maybe has nothing to do with the low clock, any tip? And on the other hand the memory clock is always max out, even at idle. If I go from 144Hz on monitor setting to 60Hz, memory clocks downclocks normally. Is this something to worry?
  10. Hi everyone! I have an odd problem: My ram was working fine at 3200MHz until someday I plug off the PC to clean a little, and when I try to switch on again, it stops posting unless it gets to default memory speed. It was working fine at 3200 for about 2 months... Nothing change, i checked uefi multiple times, battery is good, put it to 1.40V, even flash with last bios again 3.10. And not a single OC value post now, only default 2133 My specs: Ryzen 5 1600, asrock ab350m pro4 v3.10, 2 sticks 4gb G.SKILL Trident Z ( F4-3200C16D-8GTZB ). Maybe my old power supply has something to do?? idk what to do, it was working fine until I plug it off
  11. Ey, noise is not the problem. I was worried with healthy of the gpu and fans because continuously on/off cycle has to be bad for sure. Now starts on 62ºC and keep it under 80ºC with +-45% fan speed. Card's fans seem to be great, My concern was if I must worry with the fans not even get on under 62º or if it's better to switch on fans from start at 15% non-stop feature whatsoever.
  12. Deepens, it is already too pricy maybe if you found a nice deal. I am from Spain and bought a zotac 1060 amp 6gb 3 months ago and nowadays same model is 120€ more expensive. That's a lot and has to get low. But perhaps you don't have the same problem there. PD: On the other hand ,I updated from 750ti and I think it was worth it.
  13. Hi, I have been following linustechtips for a couple of years, but this is my first post. Reason is I upgraded my gpu recently, get a Zotac 1060 amp 6gb from a 750ti and it is great, but I am from València and is really hot here, near 30C/86F and fans start and stop spinning constantly at idle or low use and is annoying and I doubt is good for the fans. That's why I made a custom curve fan with afterburner. And my questions are: What is the best temperature to switch on fans? 40º 50º 60º idk It is better to make a exponential continuous curve(left) or steeps of flat temp(right)?