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  1. True. Unfortunately my provider won’t let us increase our speeds without us losing our discounts and unlimited internet. But a lot of the devices our things like google homes and chrome cast. So I hope that by getting a dream machine, I could Atleast control what devices get priority access and stuff.
  2. 32 down 10 up. Also minimum 23 devices. Changes depending on if we have guest.
  3. Hey there fellow LTT Forum members. So about a year ago, I bought an asus ac3200 because I had so many Wi-Fi devices on my parents network so It was only fair to upgrade it. But although a significant upgrade, I still think it’s not enough. And when the quarantine started, the networked became super strained to deal with it, I got so frustrated that I ended up running a ton of new Ethernet cables to put as many machines as I can on cable to decongest the network. It did work but it is still heavily strained. I also want to go deeper into the the settings so I can get a more customized experience. So I want to build a Ubiquiti home network for my family for 3 reasons, so they have awesome wifi, I get a new thing too jump into and learn, and so I learn for when I move out at some point. Anyway initially I was shocked that it was gonna cost 814 Canadian pesos to buy a gateaway, a Poe switch and two access points. And that isn’t including a cloud key which I want. Then I found out about the dream Machine (Not the pro), and I think that would be an awesome base for the wifi, maybe it would over kill but I want it, so I wanted to know what you guys think about about the dream machine pro? and also if you have one, your experience?
  4. Around 2000 give or take 200 dollar. Gtx 1660ti. Power delivery is super important so I can carry a smaller charger. Color calibration cause I kind of like knowing my screen looks nice (no color work at all haha)
  5. Hey there! So I am looking at getting a gaming laptop but am honestly very divided. I am gonna be saving up for it so it’s not a immediate purchase. I really really like the ROG laptops (Specifically the Zephryus line up). I am looking at the zephyrus S g502 (the normal looking one with a 1660ti, the GU model i believe). So I was wondering what you guys think of it and is it a good choice ? I like the design, the fact it has power delivery so I don’t need to carry the giant power brick with me, and generally trust the ASUS rog Brand. If you have other sugestion, I am all for it.
  6. So some back story. About a year and a half ago i bought the surface pro 5 (2017) and was introduced to the amazing world that was SSD performance and ever since, i hate using anything that has the OS on a HDD. Even got a samsung 850 evo for my desktop that i built after getting the surface pro. But my family doesnt want to spend the money too upgrade things to SSD and while i dont blame them, especially on desktop cause they would need an SSD and a HDD for mass storage. So story over, now on too the question. My family does the taxes on my sisters laptop which uses a HDD and is a constant pain (i know i sound like a snobe but thats life) but i wanna upgrade the HDD to a SSD because they dont wanna buy a new laptop. i feel like the rest of the hardware is fine. But i wanna make sure the hardware wont be an issue and will deal with the HUGE speed jump of an SSD okay enough. Specs are 4 GB of RAM AMD E-450 with radeon graphics and a 500 GB HDD Which i wanna change to an SSD.
  7. school, word documents and projects so nothing crazy, but he will keep it for a few years
  8. Thank you for this, I forgot to write that if you have any further questions, just ask causer I was getting really frustrated. So he would like to spend 2000 dollars max with tax so sweet spot will be 1400-1600 dollars. he doesn't need a GPU and was very serious in telling me he doesn't need one and doesn't want one. weight is important to him. he likes something pretty light but not cheap light. he would also like a average of 6 hrs battery life. he wants a 13 inch laptop. For refresh rate, he was born with one eye so he really cannot tell the difference between 60hz or higher so color accuracy is far more important as he likes a beautiful display. I don't think he cares so much about screen type but I feel and IPS or LCD would be better for color accuracy. an ultrabook or thin and light would be best.
  9. So my friend is getting a new laptop to replace is honestly really dumb Sony laptop that he has had since 2010. Thing was that I was planning for him to get the new dell xps 13 (I am the techie in my group) but best buy in Canada does not carry it and the Microsoft store carry's the ones I wouldn't recommend. other places like Canada computers have it but only for special order and he would rather go to a store and buy it since it is such a big purchase, and he doesn't have the time to deal with online orders and isn't savvy with this stuff. What he wants is a computer that can at least have the back panel be able to clean the fans of dust and cat hair because of him having lots of cats and he had issues with cat hair in his Sony and also BACKLIT KEYBOARD IS ESSENTIAL. I told him he needs a SSD, a couple of usb ports (He doesn't mind usb type c dongles apparently so there is that) and a core i5 U series and especially 8th gen intel. But When I go on the best buy store I just get overwhelmed with the options and close the type cover on my surface pro. SO ANY SUGGESTION would really help.
  10. So in the summer I am looking at upgrading to an Ultrawide monitor, but I will have to move my tower under my desk( It is on top right now). But I want to get a USB hub so I can have one cable or as few as possible going under the desk to connect my pc to keyboards and mice aswell as making putting usb drives and stuff easy to be used. I just found this one and is it a trusted brand or can someone recommend one that looks kind of like this one ?. I really like the design. https://www.amazon.ca/4-port-Adapter-2x2-4A-Charger-Windows/dp/B076VC69JY/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1523464396&sr=8-4&keywords=usb+type+a+hub
  11. I live with my parents still. So it would all be going through the house network. Would it be better to use a consumer pc the a NAS ?
  12. So right now. Any shows, movies, music and so on is downloaded through my dads computer to a 2TB external hard drive. But i am starting to looking into a NAS so that we don't have to go and transfer content from my dads pc to what ever device we are gonna watch it on. So i was looking at a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra and i would get my own hard drives. I personally like to have content on a hard drive in my place as i feel like i ownership over it and this would allow content to be more accessible. So is this a sensible use case for NAS or A GIANT WASTE OF MONEY ?
  13. Can some explain why Memory prices are all over the place? In september i bought an 8Gb stick of corsair lpx vengence ddr4 ram for my new PC build was gonna buy another stick of 8 at somepoint to go to 16GB. But watching prices over the last few months has been the worst. I bought my stick of ram at 96.99 canadian (makes it worse xD) couple of weeks later, it was up to 119.99 and now its 134.99 for a single 8Gb stick of ram. Its really dumb how bad pricing has gotten.
  14. Thanks Bought 1TB for my PC but didn't expect the price of 4tb To go down so much. Kinda wishing I had waited
  15. I was wondering if one of those huge 8Tb external usb 3.0 hard drives could be used as a way to play your PC games off of. I know it works on console so I was wondering if it works for PC as well ?