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  1. So using getting one of those manual camera apps should do the trick ?
  2. Hey, so i am wanting to take some really nice pictures of my PC with my Iphone, but the RGB always comes out way too in your face( i have tried with tempered glass on and off). Was wondering if any of you guys have tips for taking pictures or would it just be better with an actual camera xD
  3. I find the design of the cal digit one to be okay and i would absolutely use it, i just prefer the corsair design. That being said the corsair design does limit its ports more it seems. i am horrible and still have not started comparison shopping the two yet beyond looks xD.
  4. So i will be installing a thunderbolt 4 card in my PERSONAL RIG 2021 (i had to xD), because my case is a inwin 915 which is beautiful but getting access to the rear IO is a pain in the A##. So i have been looking around and i love the look of the Corsair thunderbolt 3 dock they just released, But the cal digit dock (the one Linus uses) looks more practical ( I have not started doing research into the exact specs of the two to compare). I am not limiting myself to just those 2 brands so i am open to any suggestions. But i wanted to know from my fellow techies what every one thinks is the best t
  5. So i was looking around to see if i can get my hand on a mikrotik switch in Canada (specifically one of there Poe ones), but the sites i found on Mikrotiks site i am not sure of. I know they sell some on amazon but want a bigger one just to have to growing room and also, i wanna play with the bigger toys xD so shot over your places to buy mikrotik switches.
  6. I bought it used for 77 CAD with shipping included. I am gonna put it in the room beside the crawlspace so it will be cold but won't be as dusty.
  7. Oh, okay, thanks i know its over kill but i rather overkill then not enough xD
  8. Yeah, i am gonna put it in the crawl space at the bottom of the house. Do you have any recommendations for switches that have POE ? or would it just be easier to have the dell switch, and then a little switch for poe ? cause i am thinking of upgrading the wifi too.
  9. Hey Everyone! So i wanted to ask your opinion, i have plans to roll out a server for me and my family using used server hardware. But before i deploy it, i want to upgrade they home networking in my parents home to ensure that we don't encounter a bottleneck. So my first upgrade is to get a used enterprise networking switch to serve as the backbone of the network, and i am looking at getting a dell powerconnect 6248. I don't actually need all 48ports but i would rather have more ports then necessary in case, and it also looks looks better with 48ports since the 24 port has a huge gap. An
  10. Okay, so completely dumb moment for me but i completely forgot smb exists and so i successfully set up my server on my gaming laptop for my testing
  11. Well i would like the server to be able to be a target download location aswell, since my dad does the downloading on his computer, i would want to be able to have the downloads go straight to the server instead of his computer ?
  12. Omg, the legendary Lead eater :o do you mind if i DM you with somemore questions ?
  13. I did try setting up an FTP server in windows and actually getting it too work has been a complete pain. like its super intuitive.