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  1. So i just wanted to give you guys an update, i so i think instead i will get a samsung 970 evo 1Tb. it will be plenty fast enough as it will be faster then the new xbox consoles ssd. so any multiplatform will have to target it. I should be able to carry it through atleast 2 builds
  2. Don't think its about the read speed, its about the access latency of NVME being much lower.
  3. But the new consoles use NVme, and with direct storage api coming( meaning graphics can directly access the storage)
  4. Just mostly a trust thing, i have used Lots of Samsung SSD's. And i also like the software for the drive. And the reason no 2.5inch is because sata cannot match the speed of the new console SSDS.
  5. So with the next gen consoles using SSD's. SSD's will become incredibly important for games over the next couple of years, so i was wondering if it would be stupid to buy a large SSD to use to put games on (I use an SSD for my OS and all drivers and critical applications as well as game launchers, but games are stored on large HDD)?. Now I will expand my question, this drive would be for just games, and my intention would be to carry it forward through multiple builds as a fast game drive. i am thinking a Samsung 980 pro (or evo when that comes out). reason I want to do this is because SSD's a
  6. That is pretty dumb, especially since I kind of have an asus strix theme going on with my pc, like why not quiet operation.
  7. So I have a GTX 1660, an evga SC to be specific. Card is okay overall, but when i start gaming, the card fans start ramping up and make a pretty loud and annoying noise(its does have an fan off mode when its not under stress) which is really annoying cause the rest of my system is pretty quiet so when I pause a game, I just hear the card. so I was wondering what you look for when it comes to getting a decently quiet graphics cards without doing water cooling ? Dose having a big heat sink help, more fans allow more air with less Rpm. I know to look for reviews but other then that, I am curious.
  8. Well Mine is a 6 core, 12 thread machine so should be good for awhile. then i can go over kill next time
  9. That is why i would like my computer to last 4-5 years so then i can just build a new rig. your points make sense.
  10. Honestly, my monitor can do 144hz at 1440p. but i am not really a super competitive gamer, so i just put the monitor at 60hz, since i am mostly gpu bound to be honest and it doesn't have variable refresh rate.
  11. So yeah, i am wonder how long the Ryzen 5 3600 (non X) will be good for a good gaming experience. my primary concern being the new consoles raising the bar enough that the 3600 won't be enough . i usually play 1440 at 60hz and as long as the game looks decent, I don't mind lower graphics settings. i built the PC a few months ago (motherboard is a b550 strix f wifi), and I am hopping the Ryzen 5 3600 will remain competitive in the gaming environment 4 to 5 years. Guess I just wanna make sure that my choice of processor won't hold me back really and shouldn't of gotten a higher core processor,
  12. So basically, better to have them seperate haha, I was thinking about that being a major issue. but want to see if there would a better way I didn't already know. thanks you guys.
  13. Ah, well thanks my dude. if I was to go down the route of erasing everything, would I be raiding them together ?
  14. Hey there, so on my Personal Rig, i have a 500gb samsung 970 evo as a boot drive with all the OS, drivers, Office and Programs like Steam, BattleNet, origin, and so on. and then i have a 4tb hard drive for mass storage, so all my games and videos, pictures and stuff like that. i wanna add another 4TB Hard Drive (Mostly because I wanna a badass personal Rig, not cause I need it), but is there a way to have a windows drive (example: Mass Storage for me on Windows is D Drive), is there a way to have D drive span multiple physical drives (I honestly just wanna see drive D have 8tb of storage)? don