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  1. EchoBlue

    new GPU

    RX590 is an amazing card for gaming at 1080p!
  2. EchoBlue

    New keyboard

    Very interesting looking style of keyboards... What I want is RGB and mostly for gaming. Silent keys. I also want a media control with a scroll wheel. I have checked out almost all of them but I feel like there are some out there I have yet to check out. Do keyboards get a refresh every year or every 5 years? Thanks
  3. EchoBlue

    New keyboard

    I am having a hard time choosing the right keyboard... Do you mind if I ask what you have and what you would like to have?
  4. EchoBlue

    New keyboard

    Thermaltake a good brand? First time hearing about it.
  5. EchoBlue

    New keyboard

    Just in case I missed it... Were there any new RGB keyboard released or announced during CES? Thanks
  6. EchoBlue

    Corsair K70 Questions

    Thanks for answering. I wish more people who own one would also come by. Your answer to question number 2. You have answered no or yes? Thanks
  7. EchoBlue

    70GB vanished?

    It is just facts I have read about SSD. You must have picked up a high-quality SSD for lasting you a long time.
  8. EchoBlue

    Corsair K70 Questions

  9. Is there a way to get a valid fully licensed Windows 10? I've seen places that offer really cheap licensed Windows 10 keys and I was wondering if those were for real and safe? I don't think anyone really wants to spend $100 on Windows 10... Thanks
  10. EchoBlue


    If you had to pick just 1? LOL! Good one. But I can't stop myself. I too thought RGB was dumb but something just caught me. Maybe after I go RGB I will get over it eventually. I do like my BLUE Night Hawk looks very cool. Wow! What a Jewelry for PC?!
  11. EchoBlue

    Corsair K70 Questions

    I had to make a decision... The Corsair K70 RGB keyboard looks amazing! I do have some questions about it. If you own it or know about it please help me out. 1. There seems to be different "style" of the K70. What are the differences between the Low Profile, MK1, MK2, and MK2 SE? 2. Do you find that paying over $150 for a keyboard was worth it? 3. If your answer was YES then what is one feature you love about this keyboard? 4. Do you think the older generation of K70 vs the current generation K70 has any differences? 5. Are there any other keyboards from Corsair that may be released this year? Thank you so much in helping me out.
  12. EchoBlue


    I didn't really want to go RGB but my God I think I got the RGB curse. Not too sure which RGB RAM looks the best and so I wanted to know your opinion. I don't really care about controlling the lightning that much as long as it just does its magic that's all I care. Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks.
  13. EchoBlue

    AMD motherboard Question

    Thanks for the help. Good point. It's just different with AMD than Intel. msi that bad?!
  14. EchoBlue

    AMD motherboard Question

    Either or will work with an AMD Ryzen 3000 series CPU? What if overclocking is something you are not interested in doing?
  15. Hi guys About AMD motherboards what do the X and B stand for and does it really matter? I am planning to run a Ryzen 3000 series CPU. Thanks