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    EchoBlue got a reaction from kirashi in New Video Cards   
    Any new Nvidia video cards incoming this year worth it to wait for than to get an RTX 20XX video card? 
  2. Funny
    EchoBlue got a reaction from kirashi in New Video Cards   
    When is it likely to be announced? 
    How likely is this NOT a rumor? 
    What more can the 3000 series bring than the 2000? 
  3. Informative
    EchoBlue reacted to Pickles - One of the Jar in NZXT H Series   
    It would. I have had many customers come in with these cases. Let me show you what I did with one of them:

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    EchoBlue got a reaction from genexis_x in Looking for gaming/work laptop   
    There are new versions of laptops I think you should wait for. I am on the same boat as you and you should make sure it is well spent.
    Wait until May to June of this year.
  6. Informative
    EchoBlue reacted to riklaunim in Iris Graphics   
    Laptops, those ultraportable with MX250, MX150 will be superior to Intel iGPU. Ryzen 3000 mobile parts like R7 and R5 will be bit behind MX and each other. But that's sub $400-$500 bracket. At $1000-1500 you are at full blown gaming laptops.
    Check notebookcheck reviews. IMHO if you don't have to buy right now you may wait for the new laptops with AMD parts. Specs for that one look good.
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    EchoBlue reacted to Jurrunio in Iris Graphics   
    Eww... they're not tragic because they can at least play some esports titles at 1080p (CSGO, Dota 2 etc, not PUBG if that counts), but the only GPUs that are slower than Intel Iris is Intel HD/UHD Graphics, for the same priced and era laptops.  AMD has faster iGPUs, Nvidia sells faster dGPUs (btw iGPU means it's built into the CPU as the same piece of silicon, dGPU means separate as an independent chip), either or both can be found in laptops competing with the Intel Iris equipped products.
    For $1000-1500 15" thin laptops, you can get something hugely better, seriously.
    https://www.newegg.com/matte-black-msi-gs-series-gs65-8se-stealth-1402-gaming-entertainment/p/2WC-000C-00F25?Description=GS65 GTX1650&cm_re=GS65_GTX1650-_-2WC-000C-00F25-_-Product
    unless it's not in USD, but some other currency that's worth a lot less.
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    EchoBlue reacted to WoodenMarker in Stock Cooler   
    Like this:

    What's quiet is subjective and will vary depending on who you ask. If it's quiet enough for you, then that's great! 
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    EchoBlue reacted to Canada EH in RGB RAM   
    Those were my thoughts.
    LOL Look whos typing LOL
    What color you like @EchoBlue
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    EchoBlue reacted to airdeano in AMD motherboard Question   
    to sort some confusion:

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    EchoBlue got a reaction from TempestCatto in Moving OS From HDD ----> SSD   
    What I think you should do is back up everything that is important on another drive.
    Do a fresh clean install of your choice of OS and just reinstall those games and other applications again. 
    I agree. Samsung makes amazing and reliable SSDs
  12. Agree
    EchoBlue got a reaction from mxk in Ryzen 3000   
    Yes that is what I am thinking. I'd probably need a really beefy GPU. Still not sure if I wanna go AMD or Nvidia. 
    I guess you are right. 
    Gonna start with storage case and all that other good stuff then. 
    Been wanting to get a desktop for quite a long time.
    Why are there so many different socket type motherboards for AMD? 
  13. Informative
    EchoBlue got a reaction from dgsddfgdfhgs in G-Sync Free   
    They said 1000 series and 2000 series Anything older nope.