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  1. Hello everyone My Logitech speakers suddenly stopped working. The power comes on but no sound. I tried updating windows and updating the drivers but still doesn't work. I am using the speaker for my laptop since the onboard laptop speakers may do but sound quality isn't great. I wonder if is completely dead to the point where I need to throw it out and get new speakers or it can be fixed? Can someone please help me out. Thank you
  2. Estimated at around 2000 - 3000 sq ft Please note up stair and the basement
  3. Are we talking more than $500 for what I need?? There are some routers with mesh system and some with no mesh? I am wondering if no mesh system means it has a much better wifi connection? Why is this so hard to choose...
  4. Ok 500mb I think I can cut it down to 500mb. 1000 might be a too much. I don't think I will need a mesh system in the house but it wouldn't hurt to have as an option in case I might have a dead spot.
  5. For budget if you can give me top 3 WiFi 6 router to buy. I'll need something that can do 1000mb minimum. The area is about the size of a normal home. Although I do want up stair and down stair to reach it too.
  6. The thing is that I would be buying devices that does have WiFi 6 enabled so no point in getting a WiFi 5 router. Suggestions for WiFi 6 routers please.
  7. I need a new router... All of the buzz these days is to get a Wifi 6 router but some people are saying to wait it out. I need something new and I do want to future proof it. Help me out please.
  8. What do you think about this modem? Technicolor TC4400
  9. What Modem specification should you look for when future proofing for the next 10 years? The ISP I am going to be switching soon does offer to sell one but I am not sure if I should settle with it or not. It is the Hitron CDA3-35 If anyone can please help me out here that would be awesome. Thank you
  10. In no way do hard drives deleted anything that is stored long term?
  11. Hello I have been thinking what is the best way to store videos, pictures, etc these days? Besides backing it up to the cloud. I mean something physical. Thank you
  12. What should you look for in a modem??
  13. Wow. Thank you guys for all those juicy info. I'll hold off on WiFi 6 router until next year or so. WiFi 6 seems very promising!! Thank you.
  14. Do you sell the router or throw it out?
  15. I would normally wait for moments like this but... Maybe buy a cheap WiFi 5 router for now??