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    Gaming pc hardware


  • CPU
    Intel I5 8600K
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte z370 WI-FI
  • RAM
    G-skill trident z 16gb
  • GPU
    Evga 1070 ftw 2
  • Case
    Nzxt Manta
  • Storage
    Samsung evo 500gb
  • PSU
    Evga G3 650 watt
  • Cooling
    Corsair h110i
  • Sound
    Harman kardon soundsticks II
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. I guess I will just have to deal with the crashes
  2. I have the full version of windows 10 (up to date) and a window saying "Your operating system is not supported". I can still start the game, but from time to time is crashes (error 5763). What can I do?
  3. Ok so i played all day long and everything was going fine until my screen starting getting blue stripes with some red letter in it ( a letter that i had never seen before) then there came green stripes, well i coulden't really play anymore so i decided to go to bed. When i woke up the day after I tried starting my computer and the same thing happend until i while later when the screen just went black and i coulden't start. Is this because of overheating or something else? And if it is overheating then is there any way i can recover the card or should i just buy a new one?
  4. So i've built my computer and changed so that all the fans are running it quiet. But now the only sound that is comming out from it is a pretty noitcable sound from the PSU, which is an Evga G3 650w power supply. Any thing i should try before thinking of buying a new and quieter one?
  5. Hey, I'm thinking of doing a build in the new H500p that was show off at CES 2018. The new H500p is white, but i do not know what color i should match with White, what i mean is should i go for example blue as SECOND color to white?
  6. PS: got the rad super cheap (70£)
  7. I have the radiator fans at the lowest possible RPM which is 500 rpm but it's still rpetty noticible. Yes i have exhoust at the top it is 2 120mm corsair ml fans. Yeah the radiators is making a bit of noise so mabye!
  8. Done PS: soory for shit quality!
  9. Yeah im thinking of doing a full custom watercooled build in like 2 years. But that's a bit to long for my preference that's why i asked!
  10. So I have built my computer in an Nzxt Manta case and put an H110i Radiator with the stock fans as intake, and as outtake i've gone with the Corsair 120mm ml fans. How do i get it Quieter then, i've already optimised the fans speeds for the quietest operation i can think of. Should i get any new fans, or should i just be happy with the amount of noise it makes and not be so picky?
  11. What do you guys think this is worth? CPU: I5 2310 with stock cooler Motherboard: P8z68-v lx Ram: 16gb ddr3 GPU: Gtx 550ti if it's even worth selling.
  12. Asking for a friend! So my friend is trying to play league but when he starts a game his fps is about 30-40 and he keeps getting frame drops and it dident matter if he had very low or very high he had the same stuttering, but every other game he has played including some triple A titels he can play just fine on ultra with steaddy 60fps and above. Anyone knows what the problem is? Hi's system components are these Cpu and motherboard: ryzen 7 1700 with a asus strix-f b350 Gpu: gtx 1060 Ram: some random ddr4 16 gb ram.
  13. It worked! I diden't like corsair link either way