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  1. I do, and you clearly didn't know what you were talking about before. The first link goes to DEX-UI, Seena Burns project. Then the link to more screenshots and are GitSquareds project. So you don't know the difference. Before you share these kind of things please know what you are talking about, and credit the author
  2. DEX-UI was not made to actually be usable. Inspired by DEX-UI recently a guy called GitSquared made EDEX-UI. This though, is actually very functional. The terminal used can be changed by editing the json like mentioned. If you install git bash you can make it work on windows with a bash terminal.
  3. Since you joined the forum you have literally only made posts about your issues installing Kali (and a post about removing your bios chip ?!?!) For the love of God stop trying, Kali isn't designed as a desktop OS and it won't make you a hacker
  4. It does look really good Edit: About the airflow, I have a super cheap case which has the same kind of front airflow, just a little grid to the side of the front panel. But with 3 fans in front and 1 in the back it moves air like a beast.
  5. Actually that does seem nice. I never tried using an IDE from JetBrains, I should give it a try sometime
  6. Read the article yourself, that's a quote from MKBHD. Also a lot of people are saying that it shouldn't be suprising for a product to bend so easily, and that if you sit on your ipad it breaking is your own fault. But this thing is a 1000 dollars and breaks in half after the guy put some pressure on it. That thing will bent fast, way too fast. I have used an old iPad which would always be somewhere on my bed for when I wanted to netflix and I probably slept on the thing a couple of times, no problem at all. It sucks having to worry about something you just spend a thousand bucks on to not just completely bend like it's a piece of paper if you accidentally drop your backpack onto something. I know it's not an iPhone and it won't be in someones pocket but I still think a tablet should be able to survive being in the house and not just at the desk
  7. That BitFenix case is actually pretty fucking slick
  8. My username in every place on the internet is either Levitating or LevitatingBusinessMan. Which is based off of this emoji: . Which is dubbed "Man in Business Suite Levitating". I also use the bahroo happy panda emoji a lot as my avatar currently (the one on this forum right now). If you are are willing to take this one, get creative! Edit: If you actually do this I'll probably make some business cards and stickers of the logo, I feel like that should be done
  9. I personally do agree, but for beginners who aren't even sure if programming is their thing I highly recommend atom over vscode. Vscode can seem complicated and overwhelming at times but with atom a user can find like they have complete control over it in no time. Understanding how the stack works in a programming language will help you understand why errors look the way they do.
  10. That'd run just about any game on 1080p (I have a ryzen 3 and 1050ti). It has no SSD though, and I don't know if it's worth the money because I don't know what the prices in the UK are
  11. your link's not working Edit: https://www.freshtechsolutions.co.uk/amd-ryzen-2600-1tb-8gb-ddr4-gtx-1050ti-4gb-blitz-computer-gaming-pc.html
  12. Yes, my problem with the video is mostly that people will take the advice, thinking that Alcatel is your best option around that price point. I have seen videos from ltt where I believe they didn't do nearly enough research/comparison to similiar options on the market, but this one is by far the worst.
  13. CTRL+SHIFT+J open the developer console, you should check if any errors are thrown in it when clicking on play
  14. What the fuck is wrong with those guys. You can buy a lot of decent phones for that price. I own a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5a Prime specs: Display: 5.5 inch 1280 x 720 pixels screen CPU: Snapdragon 435 Octa Core 1.4GHz System: MIUI 8 and above (android 7)Storage: 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM Cameras: front 16.0MP + rear 8.0MP The thing cost me 115 dollars, and although is sometimes cheaper to buy from AliExpress directly can also be bought on a couple of webshops here in the Netherlands. This phone doesn't have Android GO and in my experience isn't slow at all. There is no reason to buy a phone like the Alcatel 1X for 99 dollars if you can buy a lot of redmi models for around the same price which CAN run Android. Edit: I'll tell you some more about it. It runs MIUI 9 which is based on android 7. It can be rooted and changed to a different Andoird version but it's a pain. And although I heard people dislike I enjoy it a lot. There is some Mi bloatware but it's really not that bad, and you have to use their app for changing the launcher. But that app does support user-made skins and can also change the look of you lock-screen. MiUI comes with a ram and memory cleaner on it's own and things like a file manager (with even an ftp server built in) and a lot more useful shit. Also smaller things like a QR reader, ability to share a wifi password through a QR code and handy stuff like that. I think the screen looks decent but has horribly dull coloring, the Snapdragon 435 may not be the newest processor but it's not slow at all and can handle a lot. A mobile gamer could certainly play on it. The camera's look like shit even though they should look fine spec-wise, no clue why it seems to just be really bad handling light in any situation. The phone feels really premium, it has an aluminium back and is super light. Oh and last thing if you break the screen you don't even have to buy a new phone you can just buy a new display for 19 dollars from china. The displays already on a frame so any noob can replace it
  15. yes, but like I said it's advanced and wasn't made for Python. You should try Atom (what I had also mentioned). It's very beginner-friendly, if you are looking for something more advanced I can recommend you vscode. There are a lot more out there but these are the most popular and the ones I've tried.
  16. Oh I thought you already had the bottom 3 screwed in and after that found out the rest weren't aligned... Really the board should just fit the I/O opening
  17. Unscrew it and change the order of screws you are screwing in, don't be scared to push it from the side with some force to make them align.
  18. Lubuntu is really lightweight, but I have had issues with installing packages before when using it on a 32 bit machine. Maybe you should consider what desktop environment you like the most.
  19. If you really want to make a 2d game you want an engine. If you just want to learn how to program and make your own version of pong at some point there are great tutorials for python on how to such. Python is an easy language for beginners and can do almost anything you can imagine. Edit: Seeing that you have already been using codecademy, its python course is great
  20. I think the windows installer thing only works when booted off an usb. Just put a new version of windows on that usb and install from that, these installations take a while regardless of the usb
  21. Oh I am an idiot I didn't even think about that, my apologies
  22. If you have an i5 4460 you could try overclocking it and you should be able to decrease that bottleneck quite a bit
  23. I meant that if it is a 500W 80+ bronze there's no way that it's so crappy OP has to spend 70 dollars to get a new one with no further reason at all except overclocking. I mean your advice here has impact on if this guy thinks he has to spend 70 dollars on a psu I'd say he doesn't need.
  24. An upgrade worth 70 dollars? It's a 90 plus bronze it's fine
  25. Ah yes of course overclocking will bump up the wattage on your cpu. But still, does he need to buy a whole new psu just to overclock now??????? He already has a 500w